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Every condominium has its own house rules implemented within its walls. The management exists solely to execute the regulations and ensures that it is maintained by the residents. It seems pretty simple yet many occupants are guilty of crossing the line. We’re talking about the basic guidelines that should be followed to prevent inconvenience for all parties involved.

Management meetings are held every now and then among the members to make certain that unity is preserved among everyone all year long. Unfortunately, there are those who remain oblivious or ignorant of the law within their living space. Below are a couple of house rules to take notice as it is implemented in almost every condominium in the country!

1. House Exterior

Once buyers sign the Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA), they will be presented with the rules and regulations of the said condominium. This includes getting familiarised with the colour code system outside every unit of the condominium. For example, most condos instruct the residents to never repaint the outside walls of their unit because they prefer to obtain a standard colour throughout.

In some cases, shoe racks placement may also cause major discomfort for everyone involved because a some managements may take it as an eye sore. Other than that, some condos have specific grill gate designs to be fixed at the front entrance of the units. Hence, it is important for residents to take note of these particular requirements beforehand.

2. Wall Partition


Never, we repeat, never attempt at breaking the wall within the insides of your unit without proper management approval. In fact, most management would not agree with this idea due to the high risk - Not to mention the noise pollution that would occur by doing this sort renovation works. Bottom line is… ask yourself first if it is necessary and make sure you check with the management thereafter!

3. Car Park


Among residents living in a condominium, fixed car parks are allocated where sometimes it may not be an ideal location. Not everyone can be the lucky person with a nice parking space, can they? Nonetheless, rules remain rules and residents should abide by them. There are still bizarre moments where one resident parks at the visitors bay or at another resident’s car park spot. Their car tyres could be locked for this act and a fine has to be paid on top of that.

In case you didn't know, future residents are entitled to observe the car park space allocated for them while signing the SPA. There is a section of the document that presents this information. So, future residents, take note of this!

4. Visitors Access


Residents are bound to invite visitors to their respective units. Therefore, it is within their knowledge to understand the standard operating procedure (SOP) at their condos. One must carefully assess matters such as car parks allocated for visitors, relevant documents to be filled up and etc.

Same process applies to movers. These procedures are important to establish strong security control within the premise. Safety comes first. Thus, residents should be empathetic to these forms of requirements.


In a nutshell, these basic rules are to be followed by all condominium residents. By following them, residents get to enjoy their time living the condo life while easing the woes of those looking after us.

(Written by: Sathish Veera, 4th May 2018)


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Kami baru beli kondominium yg mmg selesa untuk diduduki. Tetapi amat kesal dgn jiran yg tidak prihatin. Setiap petang memasang bauan dan asap yg masuk kerumah melalui balkoni dan kami tidak berpeluang untuk berihat di balkoni disebabkan asap dan bauan dan juga menyebabkan langsir kami melekat baunya.  Pihak management telah saya maklumkan tetapi perkara ini masih berlaku setiap hari. Saya amat berterimakasih sekiranya ada yang boleh beri pandangan dan cadangan. Apakah tindakan yg sepatutnya diambil oleh pihak management. Terimakasih

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oh no kesihanya, yang ini boleh complain pada majikan atau jmb bukan??

so disgusting,kasihanya minta tolonglah, cuba cakap itu owner dulu,mukin owner itu tidak tauhupun ya

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@admin_ps thank you for sharing