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Just bought a new house? How much are you willing to spend on your renovation?

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I don't know really, it seriously depends on my budget. But.. I'd say below RM80k or so? Aniwez, I have no idea what's the cost of renovating a home is. Lolz!

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Well, I prefer to buy newly developed semi-furnished high-end condo, so that I don't have to worry about renovation. But if I can do some touch-up such as installing nice wallpaper and slight touch of ID, that would be nice. So I would say, I am willing to spend about RM50k? Well, that's if it's for my own stay. If it's to rent out, I guess about RM10 - 20k? Not sure if that's an acceptable. I am a bit cheap skate. LOL!

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I would usually aim for an unfurnished undervalued property which is lower than market price, so that I can use that extra money to nicely do up my new house with amazing interior design. So, I don't mind spending about RM100k on interior designing and renovation.

A nice simple cosy classy interior design like this would be nice. I want to come home to this everyday :)

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I am about to move to a new condo and thinking of doing a small renovation because the unit looks very old and run down. Especially the wall and the toilet. But I have a very small budget of not more than RM10,000. What kind of renovation can I do? Any recommendation of contractor?

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Hmmm...i think 10% of ur property price to renovate is reasonable. When I bought a house that time some banks actually offer u another 10% of loan to renovate ur house. Im not sure now still available or not. If the property is ur own stay and u r out of budget I think the loan will help.

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Hmmm, I don't think I'll buy a subsale house that needs to be renovated, because in the end I will be spending so much more. I rather buy new properties, at least I know it's in good condition or at least unused. Then I just spend the money to furnish the house with like a nice sofa set, TV, etc. I think I am willing to spend about RM20 - 40k to furnish the house.

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My budget for my future home will be at least 100k because i want my home to be a smart home ! make everything automate possible and running with self-code software application :)

hey @KHT, not sure it helps, check out this website, popular famous interior housing design site, maybe you can get some inspiration within your budget with nice design ! Hmm, for contractor, cant help u >.<

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nice right !
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I would rather invest in a semi-furnished but newly developed condo/apartment and spend more on furnishing it. Then again, I guess the renovation process will only be looked into when its necessary and by looking at the rate of today's situation, maybe RM50 - 60 k?

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@andrea depends highly on what you wanna get done. Can't say so easily I reckon. I know couples who spent RM300k on their renovations and those who spent RM50k.

Luckily hipster style quite cheap to imitate

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@chakster, holy cow!
RM300k!!!!!! I can buy another house with that amount of money :D

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@KHT RM10k is a bit on the low side if you're planning to spruce up the entire place.. what are you planning to do actually?

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Personally, I would buy a house that is already properly renovated, furnished and ready to live in. Maybe if I don't like how some things are put, I might consider to do some renovation on how I would want it to be. I think that way because renovation costs a lot of money. Not every houses comes with an automate gate and a good security system (cctv camera etc), and I want to invest in these. My budget for this would be around RM 20-30k.

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@lucyliu Yea, that's why the new developments are good. Many of them come fully furnished already like Arte+ and Eclipse Residences. Branded goods too.

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around 60-70k, if we are talking about major renovation, that is the estimate cost of today's prices i think... probably wanna add furniture will cost another 15-20k, depending on what kind of furniture as well

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my dream home would be a place that is nicely designed and I don't have to worry about being bored at home, lol! I'm willing to spend around 80-100k for renovation to get the house design that I love. Agree with @HJ!

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My rule of thumb, reno budget capped at 5% of house price.

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For me, I would prefer to buy a unit that comes fully furnished! There's a new development by Paramount Property in the Paramount Utropolis, Glenmarie. They will be launching a new tower (serviced apartment- freehold) this coming end of July and it's a fully furnished unit. The furniture can be transformed! its like a study table turned to single table which saves space a lot.

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just want to share with you guys. I saw this video on the Mocof furniture that's gonna be in paramount's new launch.

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@Sophie G12 My God, that's awesomely cool! But first things first, are they actually comfortable?? the bed I mean... and do standard size mattresses fit if we want to change mattresses?? And what happens if the mechanisms spoil, who do we approach to fix them??

And on a side note... with more Mickey Mouse sized apartments these days.. I guess we're gonna need more crazy furniture like these... Imagine how claustrophobic people must feel going into these homes! @_@

And, and, do you have the prices for this place?? and the launch date?? Wouldn't mind going to kepo kepo abit! ;p

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@Diane ! The launch date will be on 1st and 2nd August. should go kepo kepo and see this for yourself! haha.

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@Sophie G12 heheh!! do you have the showroom address?? ;)

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Invest more if u plan to stay in the place for a long time. Otherwise, just spend minimum amount to make it "live-able"...

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Most of the investment will not be "counted" when u sell the property later i.e. it is not necessarily the value of your property will be higher if u spent a lot of money in your renovation.

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For a new condo for rental purpose, in 2013 I used to spend less than RM5k to equip it with light, fans in all room, water heater in both bath rooms, grill and curtain bar

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Depends if it's for own stay or to rent out. And also depends how big is the property. Own stay, people tend to spend more, since it's for our own daily comfort. So, I would say RM50k - 100k for own stay. If it's to rent out, it is also good to furnish it to provide value to renter, so that you can get a higher rental yield. So, I would say RM20k - 50k for rent out.

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Just almost get my key and gonna spend about RM50-60k for renovation

gonna do it part by part =,=''

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@Diane! heard from their sales staff that they're launching this coming 1st and 2nd August on Sat and Sun! you can go check out and kepo kepo. haha.

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@Diane. their address is
Level 6, KDU University College, Utropolis, Glenmarie
Jalan Kontraktor U1/14, Seksyen U1,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Or u can waze also!

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My housemate's friend bought a house in Setia Alam early this year. Got the house for about RM800k and spent about RM200k renovation on it. She almost cried when she got the house, reno so exp because they didn't check the condition properly. It was a 3-storey brand new terrace house with no waterproofing or something in the ceiling so the water from the 3rd storey leaked right through the roof. It was just too bad.

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@Sophie OMG sounds good!!! Wanna go see!!! Hope I can make it this weekend!!! @_@

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My neighbour bought her house for about RM850,000 and just spent over half a million renovating it... so I'd guess that the cost really depends on the individual and their preference...

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20K for me for a 1000+sqft condo..... call me cheapskate but I'm also a DIY person. LOL......

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Just got a text message from Paramount Property. They're having a property talk by Dr Renesial Leong this coming Saturday on 22nd Aug. I called their office and got more info on the talk. The topic is why properties, why now? seems like an interesting topic to hear considering the economy now. haha. if you guys are interested, faster call to book your seats!

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Everything price up, labor + material (thanks to GST to also)

After discussion with my wife we will start with focusing in master bedroom + dry kitchen + basic fundamental stuff (wiring), the rest area (Study corner + TV cabinet), we gonna do it next phase or next year.

Everything with cabinet come later =.=''

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practicality is most important thing.
cheers :)

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I think it would depend on how much I have budgeted for the house in the first place. Say if I have a budget of 600k but bought it at 500k, then I would allocate 100k for renovation. The smaller the gap between actual purchase price and budget price, the lesser the amount allocated then. If over budget then, save money again lah.

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for own occupation no limit, though of reselling in the future, don't exceed certain amount because the future buyer might not get the bank value if the asking price is extremely high in order to cover the renovation cost.

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Not more than 10% of property value.

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At first. Before we even sign the SnP. Make sure the property requires the least renovation. For example, don't count on extending the kitchen to make use of the rear yard area. Or even extending the living room towards the car porch! Please correct me if mistaken,  I believe that Strata landed house does not permit any alternation to the external look of the house,  including colour and ofcourse any masonry works or extension. 

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First come to first always is the 'budget' available.. Also you would need to decide whether that house for long term or short term stay? If long term then you would need to spend abit more to get good material renovation. If short term, then would go for simple and neat.

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Budget... I believe everyone have their own budget on renovation. Then we list down what we want to do. If possible within budget we do all or else We select according to priority. 

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Speaking of which, I have a friend whom I just met a couple of weeks ago, he DIY a lot of his renovation such as building his own partition, wardrobe, etc and it only cost him RM10k. Very impressive, but not many of us have such time and know how. 

Some interior design looks really good from pictures and all, but not many of us can afford that. Unless you know exactly what you want and then source for the materials yourself and get a contractor to fix it for you.

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Borrow from Loan Shark aka Ah Long, sure can get anytime... easier to get the loan in cash, but interest might differ.

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own stay for long term. no issue. 

plan to sell in in few years later, if you spend 100K to renovate, it may not add extra 100K value to your property selling price. 

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Worst case, all interested buyer does not like the pre-renovation which you have spent so much prior to selling. If only no choice initially wanted for own stay and end up selling, then different story.

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Even if it's for investment to rent it out, it's actually a good idea to furnish it so that your unit stands out. Especially with the current market slowdown, lots of owners are having difficulties in renting out or even selling their unit. So by furnishing it will have higher chance to attract tenant or buyer. Because most likely your neighbours are renting out bare unit too. So what makes your unit so special?

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5k to equip rooms for rental! Is that still possible in 2016?

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Agree with you Veron, provided that owner has extra $$$ to furnish it and to what extend. 

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rent out basic unit as possible, add on based on tenants resonable request

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don't forget to apply for the permit from relevant authorities before you commence any renovation... else the municipal council have the right to issue fine and instruct your contractor to cease all work!

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depend how u renovation ? for own stay or rent out 

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renovate basic stuffs i.e kitchen cabinet , lighting, fans, wardrobes, water heater , couple of air cons, curtains. price are various depend on the quality, lower ranging from RM15k can be done in my opinion

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Agree with Kathy, also never forget that some developer throw in freebies such as CCTV, Alarm, autogate system, kitchen cabinet, or air-conditioning just to make the deal sweeter for the buyer.

But ofcourse you still need to weigh in your own requirements and preferences. 

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agreed. only do the renovation which can improve the selling price.

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Below 100k

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@6011_3531_5354  Mind to share what kinds of renovation will improve the selling price of a house?

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@Hetulinna IMO, just do the basic renovation is good enough and provide all the basic furnishing for daily living such as washing machine, aircond, bed, tables, chairs and etc. Little bit of design will also greatly improve the selling price of house too !

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I agree with Nicholas. Sometimes some buyers might not like certain furnishing, then you might end up turning them away or it might seemed above market price. But basic furnishing would be good to attract buyers. Somehow bare units never look attractive, plus there'll be a lot of competition.

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing