Investment property
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Are you an 'keep' or 'flip' investor?

1. how much rental yield you are expecting per year?
2. how much growth rate you are willing to let go your property?
3. what property type are you targeting?
4. what is the downpayment for your property?
5. what is the fees involved when you want to buy / rent ?
6. where should you buy the property? high end , mid-cost, low-cost
7. how many property you can buy at once?
8. Is your personal finance able to afford the investment?

Investment profit from property market large

Anyone please share your opinions and advices :D


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Buy and keep. Maximize rental income while waiting for capital appreciation. Rule of thumb, in 10 years the price will double. If u are lucky, the price will double in 5 years (like what happen in 2010-2015); but this does not happen very often...

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If u are very confident with a new development, buy 2 units. Later sell one and it is like u are getting the remaining free!!!

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Let's look into Auction Property. hahaha !!!
Below market 30-40%
Good deal or not?
But there's lot of issues and agenda that we need to aware and taking in proper handling.

Shall we ?

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