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Most people would avoid living in Shah Alam areas because of several reasons. What do you think?


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Sorry this is off track from Shah Alam discussion...

I think we should be more conscious on the choice of words due to current racial sentiment in the society.

Hating a place due to too much one particular race is totally unnecessary. I hope the author would remove that portion of the message or I hope moderator / editor could modify the message. How would you feel when someone with a different ethnic background says they don't don't want to use PropSocial platform because there are too much of certain race hanging around here. I believe there is freedom of speech, but I also believe we need to use such freedom responsibly :)

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Agreed and seconded!

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too Malay... no pubs, no fun. No place to buy 4D also.

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Shah Alam is huge! So, it depends which part of Shah Alam. If it's in Glenmarie, those big beautiful landed houses or somewhere near to Setia Alam, I don't mind :)

@danielfoo, chill la... The topic says 'Is Shah Alam cool to live in?' in other words, 'Would you stay in Shah Alam and why / why not?'. That's all. I don't sense any negativity nor positivity in the topic, definitely nothing racist about the topic at all. Unless, some people are blowing it out of proportion :)