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From left: Sensorflow senior sales manager, Darren Riley; sales manager for Indonesia and Malaysia, Guy Hudson; Sensorflow; Sales Support chief executive officer and co-founder Shiva Shankara, marketing manager, Faye Sim and creative marketing executive Ariel Tan celebrating the launch of Sensorflow in Malaysia.

Singapore-based smart energy management company for hotels has officially set its foot in Malaysia, following its success in other countries such as Hong Kong and Thailand.

The company, which provides smart Internet of Things (IoT) solution for hotel room environment management, aims to empower more hotels to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability. SensorFlow uses smart wireless IoT solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help buildings monitor, analyse and automate energy consumption for better productivity, sustainability and energy efficiency.

SensorFlow’s expansion to Malaysia follows their recent success, securing RM10.98 million in Series A funding from private investor Pierre Lorinet in February 2019.

With SensorFlow, hotels can save up to 30% in energy consumption by automating empty guestrooms and reducing unnecessary wastage. This is achieved using state-of-the-art IoT technology which supports an interconnected network of devices to monitor hotel room environments in real-time, including temperature, humidity, occupancy status and energy consumption.

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SensorFlow’s entry to the market is aligned with Malaysia’s sustainability reform agenda as Malaysia is emphasising on green growth and sustainable development as a top priority for 2019 and beyond. Coupled with eco-conscious millennials that make up 50% of travellers today, SensorFlow’s smart green solution will help to drive the sustainability agenda across an expanding number of travel and hospitality corporations.

The company’s Founder Saikrishnan Ranganathan said the increasing demand and the growing number of green hotels speaks volumes about the huge impact of sustainable solutions - not only does it reduce our environmental footprint; green solutions can generate great cost-savings.

“We also see a huge potential in Malaysia as more ‘green’ hotels are emerging. In fact, we are currently running trials with a few major hotel brands in Malaysia and they are impressed with the results of savings as high as 30% on energy costs,” Sai said.

(20 August 2019)


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