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UEM Sunrise has announced the third pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy – ‘Environmental Conservation’. The announcement was made in conjunction with UEM Sunrise’s Plogging Day @ Kepong Metropolitan Lake activity.

Building on its first two pillars of 'Education Enhancement’ and ‘Community Development’, the third pillar will focus on proactive initiatives designed to protect the natural environment within UEM Sunrise’s developments and the company’s value chains.

The announcement of UEM Sunrise’s third CSR pillar also marks the beginning of a chain of engagements beginning in Kepong. To further strengthen their initiatives, UEM Sunrise will be partnering with non-profit organizations, environmental NGOs, universities, and schools.

According to Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Sunrise, Anwar Syahrin Abdul Ajib, UEM Sunrise wishes to do their part as a property developer and a responsible corporate citizen in building a sustainable community in Kepong.

He further added that, “In the grander scheme of things, we eventually want to organise Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that will tie in all three pillars to maximise our impact in our efforts”.

The first of the activities to kick off this environmental initiative is the Kepong Plogging Day @ Kepong Metropolitan Lake activity.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “plogging”, it is an activity that was adopted by the Europeans that combined jogging with picking up litter. “Plogging" was an activity that was designed to simultaneously clean up the environment while embracing a healthy and active lifestyle.

The activity was attended by one of UEM Sunrise’s adopted schools Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Kiaramas, and the staff of UEM Sunrise themselves. There were a total of approximately 160 volunteers who “plogged” around the Kepong Metropolitan Park in an effort to create a cleaner environment for the surrounding community.

The volunteers of the activity were equipped with running gears and several upcycle bags for the litter, to clean the 95-hectare park.

According to a teacher of SMK Kiaramas, Puan Rohaiza bt Zinal Abdin, outdoor activities are important for the students, to take learning out of the classrooms. According to Rohaiza, “There is only so much a teacher can educate a student about environmental responsibility within the four walls of a classroom, but it is these little things they do where they get to practice contributing to environmental conservation.”

Anwar states that they wish to continue building lifelong relationships with their customers and communities, a relationship that goes beyond handing over of the keys of their new homes. They wish to bring people from within and around their developments together, where they can live and grow in a safe, healthy, and friendly environment.

It is also stated that this relationship with their stakeholders is what differentiates UEM Sunrise with their peers.

(14 October 2019)