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Let's have a vote. Who thinks the Eleventh Malaysia Plan / 11th Malaysia Plan / 11MP is rubbish.

"Efforts to increase the share of Bumiputera wealth ownership have been announced as one of the strategies in the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) towards tackling challenges and issues faced by the community.The increase will be carried out through a clawback funding mechanism and institutional-based programmes. The clawback mechanism, which would help Bumiputeras own residential property, would collect contributions from property developers that were unable to comply with the Bumiputera quota policy in their property development. “The contributions are equivalent to the total cost of discount from the units forgone to non-Bumiputeras,” the 11MP Report says."

"“A mechanism to enable Bumiputera institutions to purchase unsold Bumiputera lots in new property developments will be introduced.“These institutions will own the property and receive rental income until the property is acquired by interested Bumiputeras.“In addition, entrepreneur development organisations such as Mara, Tekun Nasional and Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Bhd will continue to acquire strategic business spaces or shop lots to be rented to Bumiputera entrepreneurs.”"


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Why am I not surprised??? More to come!!!

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Some people behind the lawmakers laughing and giggling as it stands, money waiting to be made like fish coming into the net at sunset.

Thanks for sharing the article. Very, very useful and meaty topic.