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Is it a good time to buy properties with the current situation? Let's discuss.


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Some season investors told me this: when everybody is rushing to buy u better stay away, when no one is buying u should start buying...

timing is crucial and beware conscious about the property cycle/economy cycle..

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There is not good time or bad time to buy property. There is only whether are you ready to buy. For not season investor, buy when you ready. For Season investor, thats another story. Why? As not season investor, you only buy once in a while, just like share market you cant time it. 

The main thing is do your due intelligence. Do your homework. Know more about the market before going into it.Talk to friends who invest and learn from reputable and track record guru

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It is always good time to buy property, especially for own stay. For investment purpose, if the monthly rental is sufficient to cover the loan installment and other fees, why not :)

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@admin_ps good sharing