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In this digital age, many would say advertise in the social media. Some would still prefer to advertise in classified ad in local newspaper. Some will go for the FOC way i.e. advertise in 7-11 notice board. Some depend on existing clients for referral or word-of-mouth advertising. Some will go for the illegal way - hang their ad at traffic lights post, on the tree or simply stick their advertisement on public places. Some will use different approach when looking for buyer and other approach to look for tenant. Some consider the cost factor. Some consider the reach factor. Share your thoughts... which way is the most effective to get results??


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I think it really depends on your targeted audience. If for young generations, I think social media will be the best way since everyone now is having a smartphone on hand and non stop being online. However, if for older people, printed ads in newspaper or banner is a better way since most of them are not so tech-savvy.

But I personally don't really like to receive spamming message from Whatsapp or SMS cause I find it quite annoying. So sometimes I am kinda reluctant to give out my phone numbers in order to avoid spammy messages.

20170514 115059 small is pretty effective for property below RM350,000 based on my experience.

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ya even now got promotion for bump advertisement.

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thank you for good sharing