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You prefer Landed property or High rise property?


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It depends on the purpose of the purchaser .... buying for investment and buying for own stay might have very different criteria 

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I think depends on the purpose as well. If for own stay, I will definitely prefer gated and guarded landed property. Although new type of high rise property can have more space, but for me, I still prefer landed property as I can utilise the extra space to make my own design or plant some flowers or stuff. 

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@PNK if for investment? 

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For me - landed for own stay... as I have a Siberian bulldog at home (yes almost 18-20 hours in the air-condition house) 

Investment - mixture of landed and condo plus some shop lots :)

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If for investment, what is your priority - rental income of capital appreciation? Another question is how long do u plan to hold the property? All these factors will affect your investment decision...

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Its really depend on individual. Some prefer go for 4M-5M penthouse in condo also dont buy landed and its local Chinese buyer too. 

For investment its depend on what type of own financial planning you have for your investment. 

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Some people prefer condo unit for its facilities... however the current trend by some well known developer...they build club houses with facilities for its landed property owners... ofcourse owners need to pay extra to enjoy the facilities.

Landed property with club house facilities will be my choice. If the landed property is situated on a hill and comes with a view, it is a bonus

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For me, If I'm capable, I will definitely choose landed property.

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Landed. Being raised in a small town where landed houses are affordable, it's not easy to accept high rise condominium. 

Condos have the advantage of a better views, equip with facilities and a slightly better securities. But it don't offer you with a space for your own gardening nor a kitchen outside of the house. 

For investment purpose, as seen so far, condos seems like a better option with a better rental yield. 

The only dilemma would be that, nowadays, we don't live in such a big family. A landed property where you stay alone could be a depressing one. It's important to see what are the headcounts of the occupants to decide. 

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landed property, luxury one for sure if can afford :)

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@freemanwoo thanks for sharing