High end
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Which one do you prefer to stay in. Leave your personal opinion over here.


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Condo only worth buying if its 1600 sq feet and above. Below that, might as well rent a hotel room hahahaha

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Definitely high end bungalows, I have four dogs, so that they can roam freely at the property's garden, more spaces for them to exercise ;)

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High-end condo maybe, especially the loft/duplex. You get to enjoy many great facilities that require you to pay a lot more to build & maintain if you want to include in your bungalow. In condos, you just have to pay the monthly maintenance fee. Unless you have like 10 members in your family, unless it will be very lonely to live in such a huge space.

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Some condos / duplex are quite sufficient for a family of 4 - 5. One of them is Armanee Terrace Duplex. Pretty good.