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FD rate is 4.5% now. ROI on properties is less than FD rate. Does it make sense to buy properties now? During bad times, financial gurus said CASH IS KING.


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Well it's still come back to the origin where if you got holding power, it's good to put into property as it's price always appreciate in long term. FD not most of the bank can give up to 4.5%, 12 months basis, mostly now only range 4~4.3% like Public Bank & Cimb...I'm more to a risk taker, FD not my cup of tea, only will put small portion of it.

@Aack2001 don't know how long they are able to protect the market >.< well, it's bounce back almost 2% from 1600 yesterday.

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if they use the liquidity to support the stock market , it will dry up very fast!

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Property, got rental and future appreciation. FD, insurance for emergency.