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Are they the same? 

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And another term Property Manager? Are they all the same??

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I got the answer: JMB - before the strata title is issued. MC - after strata title is issued. Both having similar duties and responsibilities ie. ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of common properties and the entire property/development.

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before issuance of strata title the building can be either managed by the developer building management team or some of them outsource to building management companies... 

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What is JMB?

JMB is a corporate body, having a common seal comprising of the developer and/or their Developer representative and together with the purchasers to undertaken the Joint Management of the building and common property.

What are the duties of JMB?

The duties of JMB are as below:

a) Maintain the common property and keep it in good serviceable repair;
b) Determine an impose charges for maintenance of common property;
c) Insure the building;
d) Comply with notices and orders by local authorities;
e) Prepare and maintain a register of all purchasers;
f) Ensure that the Building Maintenance fund is audited and provide financial statement to purchasers;
g) Enforce House Rules;
h) Consists of 5 to 12 elected purchasers and developer;

What are the duties of developer?

Duty of Developer is to convene the first meeting of Joint Management body within 12 months from the date of VP;
Agenda for the 1st Meeting of JMB
a) Election of Office Bearers of the Committee (under JMB)
b) Confirm taking over of insurance effected by developer
c) Determine amount of maintenance fund
d) Determine rate of interest for late payment charges
e) Any other matters on maintenance and management of the building and common property.

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