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We will see how is the congestion in Puchong will go after the LRT line is working.


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Hi, Mei, actually congestion is expected...this is year 2016 currently, the congestion might not so obvious, but if you look at 3 years, 5 years, 8 years timeframe, more and more people will come in, and thus congestion is unavoidable. 

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As new developments are getting more and more nowadays, population will also increase. So jam can't be avoid. I am now staying in Kota Kemuning, as due to higher population compare to the good old days, it is now starting to get more congested. Even a 3 minutes route will need to jam for around 10-15 minutes. 

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In my opinion, traffic congestion is unavoidable.

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Congratulations! Subang Jaya's people are still suffering

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Puchong folks, do u all see or feel any difference with the LRT operating now?? Does it affects u in any way?

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seems like still so jam @.@

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Seems like the jam doesn't get any better. Especially entering Puchong also need some times.

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Jam still remains, I dont know about other hours during the day. But I was entering Puchong from Subang ytday around 4.30pm, still jam...

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What's the fee like? Where does it travel up to?

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It will take time to change habits..... if it could be changed

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Agree. As everyone now has their own car, and it is more convenient to drive if that place has no other public transportation.

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@mei_tan88 good sharing