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For PropSocial’s latest Top Properties edition, we take a look at the fast-growing Puchong town. Connected to Kuala Lumpur and its other satellite towns by an extensive road and highway network, new Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations recently opened in Puchong, increasing its desirability.

Top 10 Highest Searched / Most Popular Properties in Puchong

The list of top searches for properties in Puchong reveals an interesting mix. There are residential neighbourhoods with landed homes, hip integrated developments and upscale high-rises. What all these properties share in common are a good selection of facilities, accessible locales with no lack of amenities in the surroundings and a contemporary outlook – must-haves for urban dwellers in our modern society!

Top 1 - Koi Kinrara

Top 2 - Setia Walk

Top 3 - Taman Puchong Prima 

Top 4 - The Wharf

Top 5 - BK5

Top 6 - Bandar Nusaputra

Top 7 - Atmosfera

Top 8 - D’Island

Top 9 - Zefer Hill Residence

Top 10 - Puteri 12

Top 10 Most Expensive Properties in Puchong

Properties that make it to the “most expensive” list are endowed with stunning views, and fitted with top-of-the-range niceties like high-tech features, private swimming pools, sprawling build-ups and land sizes, as well as opulent landscaping and building materials. That said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and it is up to the buyers and investors to judge if the properties’ qualities warrant their price tags, and are in line with their requirements.

Top 1 - The Cube

Top 2 - Duta Kinrara

Top 3 - Chinta

Top 4 - Skyville

Top 5 - Urbana @ D’Alpinia

Top 6 - Lake Edge

Top 7 - Kinrara Hills

Top 8 - Aman Sari

Top 9 - Apicalia D’Island

Top 10 - Reflexion

Top 10 Most Affordable Properties in Puchong

These properties balance affordability with compact physical footprints, higher density living and fewer (but essential) facilities. Most of them, however, still enjoy close proximity to schools, major roads and retail outlets, making them legit no-frills options.

Top 1 - Baiduri Court

Top 2 - Suria Kinrara

Top 3 - D’Cahaya Apartment

Top 4 - Nilam Puri

Top 5 - Puteri Bayu

Top 6 - Villamas Apartment

Top 7 - Koi Kinrara

Top 8 - Koi Tropika

Top 9 - Vista Millennium

Top 10 - Desa Idaman Residences

Top 10 Properties with the Most Appealing Design and Surroundings

Let's face it; functionality is important, but so is the look and feel of a dwelling place. These places, handpicked by PropSocial writer, nourish the soul with beautiful interior design details and gorgeous surroundings that will make dwellers yearn to return to the comfort of their homes especially after long days out in town.

Top 1 - Aurora Residence

Top 2 - Lake Side Residences

Top 3 - Laman Grandview

Top 4 - 02 City

Top 5 - Lake Edge

Top 6 - D’Aman Residences

Top 7 - Casa Tropika

Top 8 - 280 Park Homes

Top 9 - Sierra 6

Top 10 - X2 Residency

We hope that this list of properties has helped you in your pursuit for that ideal property in Puchong. Has anything caught your eye (and heart) so far? Feel free to voice your opinions in the comments below.


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Kate chew small

But further inside of Puchong not too bad, such as 16 Sierra township. Although a bit out of the way, but looks very nice and a bit like Desa Parkcity kind of township. 

Kate chew small

Jonathan, which developer? Are you selling this project? RM450 per sf is a good price.

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing