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For PropSocial’s latest Top Properties edition, we take a look at the Mont Kiara township that appeals to investors and affluent home buyers due to its upscale status and easy connectivity to other towns in Klang Valley, especially the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Top 10 Highest Searched / Most Popular Properties in Mont Kiara

The list of top searches for properties in Mont Kiara reveals an extensive collection of ritzy condominiums and homes. In line with the upper-middle and upper class of the neighbourhood’s population, these developments all boast an extensive range of facilities, well-planned interior layouts and quality furnishings.

Top 1 - Puncak Kiara

Top 2 - Almaspuri

Top 3 - Villa Aseana

Top 4 - Kiara View

Top 5 - Kiara 163

Top 6 - Aston Kiara 3

Top 7 - Aman Kiara

Top 8 - Impian Villa

Top 9 - Arcoris

Top 10 - One Kiara

Top 10 Most Expensive Properties in Mont Kiara

Properties in Mont Kiara do not come cheap in the first place, so it follows that these “most expensive” properties are especially opulent, coming with large build-up sizes or state-of-the-art features like sumptuous five star hotel-like recreational facilities and hi-tech security systems.

Top 1 - Sunway Vivaldi 

Top 2 - Aman Kiara 

Top 3 - Serene Kiara 

Top 4 - Amarin Kiara 

Top 5 - Kiara Hills 

Top 6 - 28 Mont Kiara 

Top 7 - Seni 

Top 8 - 10 Mont Kiara 

Top 9 - One Kiara 

Top 10 - Tiffani Kiara 

Top 10 Most Affordable Properties in Mont Kiara

While Mont Kiara’s properties are known as some of the highest-priced properties in the Klang Valley, these “most affordable properties” are the more economical of the lot. The tradeoff? Some of them just have smaller build-up sizes or higher density residential units, while others were built quite some time ago. However, many are still close to schools, shopping malls and main roads or expressways, ensuring a reasonable deal.

Top 1 - Angkupuri 

Top 2 - Gateway Kiaramas 

Top 3 - Kiara Designer Suites 

Top 4 - Arcoris 

Top 5 - Kiaramas Ayuria 

Top 6 - Mont Kiara Pines 

Top 7 - Kiaraville 

Top 8 - Lumina Kiara 

Top 9 - La Grande Kiara 

Top 10 - Casa Kiara II 

Top 10 Properties with the Most Appealing Design and Surroundings

In a township like Mont Kiara where upscale properties abound, beautiful properties are not difficult to come by. These 10 properties, however, represent the cream of a very good-looking crop, also offering peaceful surroundings that exist as oases in the centre of a township that is constantly on the go.

Top 1 - Serene Kiara 

Top 2 - Sunway Vivaldi 

Top 3 - Seni 

Top 4 - Pavillion Hilltop 

Top 5 - Kiara 9 

Top 6 - Residensi 22 

Top 7 - 28 Mont Kiara 

Top 8 - Verve Suites 

Top 9 - One Kiara 

Top 10 - 11 Mont Kiara 

We hope that this list of properties has helped you in your pursuit for that ideal property in Mont Kiara. Has anything caught your eye (and heart) so far? Feel free to voice your opinions in the comments below.

Check out all the properties available in Mont Kiara here OR post your property requirements here and PropSocial will get an agent to find you your perfect home!


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