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Classified Ads Ranking & Score System

Sick and tired of screening through a long list of fake and duplicated classified ad listings on property websites which was a waste of your time? This is one of the most common problems faced by property buyers today. PropSocial team has fine-tuned the whole ecosystem to resolve the challenges you are facing.

PropSocial’s classified ads are ranked based on a score system and algorithm by taking into account the agent’s quality of services (rated by property buyers) and the quality of their ads. The ranking algorithm is based on multiple criteria.

PropSocial’s system will also be able to detect duplicated ads and the ranking will be penalised. It is no longer solely based on classified ads’ posting date. Moreover, users can report spam ads when they come across one. This will help to eliminate dud agents and help buyers get quality listings.

What are the criteria that determines the ranking of the classified ads?

a) Quality of Listings

- Number of photos provided
- Accurate property description
- Accurate details
- Add units (Multiple units being added to the same property within the same classified ads. This is to encourage agents to use this function instead of creating duplicate ads.)

b) Agent Ranking

- User ratings on agent
- Completion of agent profile info
- Verified mobile number
- Total number of agent listings
- Report status of unit when it has been sold

c) Quality contribution post through reviews or discussions.

d) And more….

PropSocial team is consistently and continuously putting in effort to eliminate duplicated and poor quality ads to provide an excellent property search experience for all users. Our users also play a very big role in contributing to this process, with the help from users within our community reporting spam ads posted by property agents. 

The objective of this feature is to provide property hunters with the most comprehensive and quality classified ads which would be a contributing factor to an effective property search experience.

Too good to be true??? Come and try it out here…..

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James bond craig junio2006 small

Wow! Ronald, you actually took photos of these? I am just wondering, is there any other country that is worse than this or similar? I know Singapore, Australia, UK and the US, they don't do this. Perhaps a more competitive environment like Hong Kong? Or 3rd world country. But I don't think even Thailand is like that, are they?

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Thank you for monitoring the website property ads closely, will give a try to find out while plan to sell/rent a unit.

Prop hunter small

@james_bob just by accident while passing by and some is forwarded to me by office colleague whereby we laugh and joked about it.

There are guideline laid by lppeh with regards to the banner format but many did not follow... especially those "owner managers" which is not really a REN in the first place..

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@admin_ps good sharing