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Economic and property market is slightly slow than previous, as can seen all of this through news, here I'm gonna share with you guy a new trend in property investment in Malaysia. Service Apartment, Hotel Management.

Service apartment come with hotel investment is a concept which purely designed for Investor. After u buy your property for investment, developer will help you manage your property as 4 Stars Hotel . Here is some of benefit of Hotel Investment :

1. Rental income of hotel investment is higher than normal rental

As a normal rental in the market is about RM 1,500 to RM 3,000 per months. It was depends on Location, Populations and facilities nearby like University, offices, Public transport of conditions.

But for hotel investment, rental income was charge by day. There is less possibilities 100% occupancy rate of the hotel, as i take it was just 50% occupancy rate per months, Per night rental was RM 300, there is 2 rooms of a service apartment, 15 days / 30 days rent out.

Per night :RM 300 

Rooms of Service Apartment : 2 rooms

Rent Out : 15 days / months

Rental income : RM 9,000 / months

2.  Rental of Hotel Investment is stable than normal rental 

There is alot of new project of Service Apartment/ Condo is under construction, so we never will be know how was the rental and demand after completion. We don't even know that can we rent out of our property. There is too alot of unpredictable or risk that investor need to bare.

For Hotel Investment, developer will provide Guarantee Rental Return for 1st 3 - 5 years for investors, so they noneed worry about for rentals. 

3. Hassle Free Investment

For normal rental of service apartment/ condo, there will be alot of issues to follow up from tenant like when the light is having some problem, electric, refrigerator or any problem of property. Owner need to spend his time/money to solve the issues, Just imagine how if owner have alot property and need him to manage all of this?

For Hotel investment, hotel management will help you solve everything by foc. they are the person who will be managed the 4 Stars Hotel. And they will make sure your property was well kept due they want to use it as hotel. So basically you want to resell in the market, will having high value with NO rennovation cost compare without hotel investment service apartment.

4. Able to endure Economy Crisis & Property Bubble Crisis

Hotel Investment won't be affected by property bubble crisis, because you was lease your property to developer already, there is no any risk comes from you. 

Target audience of service apartment/ condo is different. Normal Service Apartment/Condo is targeting students, worker, foreigner market.

But hotel is targeting outstation business people, tourism, which able to spend money and get ready for hotel cost, they won't because of economy crisis or bubble and stop visiting our location. Here little tips for you that prefer getting property of hotel investment which having tourism value. so the more high occupany rate of your hotel investment.

Here is a small sharing to you guy about hotel investment. Any question can just ask me by below, Thanks and have a nice day.


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If you free, can join this seminar... got it from my agent friend.

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@Jian Haur,

Sorry for late reply due busying from oversea.

JB which nearby Legoland you can invest, But need to in terms of high cash holding power up to 10 years.

Because the development not fast. so u only,will see result after 10 years or choose the projects help you do rental management for more than 10 years.

Malacca I will recommend The Apple Malacca, which new highly residence sith attractive packages, But im not sure they still available unit ornot. possible whatsapp me to check unit availability.


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@planaresidence good sharing