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Please be careful residents of USJ and Subang Jaya. I heard this is quite common in Subang Jaya too, especially the non-gated & guarded area. Areas like SS14 and SS15, many of these houses are broken into by a group of men with parang.

In fact, even the gated community!!! I live in USJ 3 and very recently, my neighbour's car got stolen when the car was parked inside of his compound!

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OMG!!! Thank God the ladies weren't harmed in any other way!! =( I've heard cases like these before as well, these people normally target rich people areas!

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OMG!!! Again another robbery!!! These past weeks there have been news on crimes happening in Klang Valley area. That's scary in a way. Crime rates are increasing tremendously. Thank God the victims weren't harmed.

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That's really scary...Nowaday, everyone is poor...GST today also :(

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Even car parked inside also can get stolen. Meaning to say that I should hide my car somewhere else? Anyway, still thank God everyone is safe.

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Had a creepy experience of an African American guy following me from college to Casa Subang. I noticed him while I was walking back and the guards at Casa actually allowed him in too, I wasnt too sure if he was a resident there or not..but he came near me, pushed me against the wall and grabbed my hand, for some weird reason sniffed me and I just started crying! Told him that I would give him all my money although I only had a miserable 20 bucks with me and he just walked away after that! NEVER stepped into Casa again after that!

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This was exactly what I meant. In Subang again :( Once in awhile I makan here too.

PETALING JAYA: A restaurant owner did not heed the advice of other businesses owners to not extend operating hours, and was robbed by a group of parang-wielding robbers early Sunday.

According to Jack Lee, 35, who works at the restaurant located on Jalan SS14/2 in Subang Jaya, the restaurant had extended its operating hours from 12am to 4am from this month."Other shops warned us, saying that it was dangerous to open until so late," he said. The warnings came true when several men wielding machetes showed up around 2.40am on Sunday in a white car.

"The boss and a staff member were sitting outside and there were two customers in the shop." Around two to three men got out of the car and robbed the restaurant of RM2,000 cash and drove off," he said when contacted on Monday. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the crime and a police report was lodged. However, Lee said that the restaurant was not changing its operating hours and would continue to operate until 4am. Subang Jaya acting deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Azman Shariat confirmed the robbery and said police were investigating the case.

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Getting from bad to worse these days. Have to be more vigilant.

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Oh God.... the guy wielding the parang looks demented! Which shop is this!??!

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Thanks for sharing :)

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I think it will help if your house is not overly renovated and if u have a proton and not a Vellfire parked in the house ...

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Latest is ... car windscreen get wacked. Glass broken but nothing was stolen from the car. I think the culprit is mentally not sound.

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Walao wei... or maybe the driver of the car pissed off somebody is it?? then the person memorised the number plate, saw it again so go and break his car wind screen?! maybe laa.... maybe the dude cut somebody's queue during traffic jam or something!! Lol!!!

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not sure???