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Anyone with experience whereby initial rental Deposit paid by tenant to owner via agent. And then agent later inform owner that tenant has decided not to rent anymore.

What is the normal procedure in regards to the Deposit?


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@Zoe_Ong maybe by right it should be like that, but honestly speaking, only based on my condo here, rental via agent, but landlord holds the deposit & tenant directly band in to landlord's account. That's what confusing me. 

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if both side signed the offer to Rent, then the deposit is not refundable... depending on where is the current stage of abortion, (if tenant had signed the OTR and the owner had yet to put a signature on it, then the money had to be refunded to the tenant) as we can only bank in the money into the Client Account when both parties signed the agreement.

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In the case of OTR signed and deposit forfeited because tenant wish to abort ... how is the commission payable to the agent? Split 50/50 between owner and agent?

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@domng thanks for sharing