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Are they the same? 


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Yes. There are many benefit to get the strata title earlier. For example ; the proces to tranfer your property from your name to children as a  ( wasiat )or a gift is easy to do.  The owner also can sell the property to another buyer easily because have  own strata title. U can have a right as buyer/ owner under strata title which its not cover to buyer if dont have strata title. 

 Without strata title delivered to u,  Its just like u buy a land but in the grant the land is not your name. 

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And if the Strata Title is given after VP... we may need to fork a lot of fees for the MoT;  and usually this is not covered by the developer.

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Hi. Dominic. Sorry for late. 

Back to your question,  all the process to get the Strata Title is under DEVELOPER . Developer should appointed SURVEYOR to prepare the Plot Schedule. 

 If you follow the enforcement of the Act, the developer will send a request to PTG to obtain the SiFUS Certificate .. after obtaining the SiFUS certificate from the developer, the developer will bring the approval to be filed to COB for Form 1 as 6 copy of the parcel schedule .. when filed, COB will issue a letter for EPDL application / sales permit ... after COB cop. start copy .. COB will be for PTG 1 copy, copy 1 copy, 3 copies developer and COB 1 copy.

Hope this information will get to every buyer. Buyer's right.. 

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@ppnnkk2011 thank you for your great sharing