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Ara Damansara is a relatively new and upcoming township, located at the borders of Subang near the old Subang airport, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. It was once considered to be an outback area where not much attention was paid to it. Things however took a sharp turn for the better in recent years after Sime Darby took over, and prices of property in Ara Damansara shot up immediately almost overnight. A small double storey terrace house that only cost RM350,000 in the year 2000 was being sold for a minimum of RM850,000 only 3 years later, while the luxury condominiums were price from RM700,000 onwards in the year 2014. The area developed very rapidly suddenly, and abandoned projects such as The Maisson was quickly bought over by enterprising developers to be continued. Contributing to the sudden prosperity of this township is the upcoming MRT project, which will have a station within close radius of the residential community. Inasmuch as property investors are extremely happy, many motorists have voiced their extreme displeasure as the main road of Persiaran Surian serving the community is usually already at an extreme gridlock during peak hours, and the MRT station in the area is expected to increase the traffic drastically. A little known and interesting fact is that although most of the developments here are under Sime Darby, there are also a few that are under other developers. The few that are not from the renowned developer are all leasehold, while everything under Sime Darby is freehold.

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