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Residential . Leasehold
1,798 SQ. FT - 4,649 SQ. FT
Launch Price : From RM370,000
Subsale Price : From RM1,880,000
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Developed By SKS Group
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Terrace Bungalow Semi-Detached Shop Office
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This project was completed 5 years ago
Mixed . Leasehold
1,113 SQ. FT - 2,965 SQ. FT
Subsale Price : From RM300,000
Rental Price : From RM1,250 / Average Yield: (3.59)%
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Wiki Kota Tinggi

Kota Tinggi, Johor, is an inland town located to the northeast of Johor Bahru. It is also called Kota Bersejarah (translated as historical city) due to its prestige as the place where the Johor Sultanate was established in the 1500s, after Melaka fell to the Portuguese. See More

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