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About Bukit Tambun


Bukit Tambun is a town located in the district of Simpang Ampat, which is in turn located in Seberang Perai. Situated in the northern state of Penang, Bukit Tambun is located on the mainland. Bukit Tambun is an established town, which is; and always was; a fishing village. Bukit Tambun is your typical fishing village type of town, where the olden days kind of wooden homes can still be found. It its a town that is served by only one road, Jalan Bukit Tambun. As the main trunk road of the town, Jalan Bukit Tambun enjoys direct access to Jalan Butterworth, Jalan Permatang Tinggi and the North-South Highway. While it is a small and quiet town, Bukit Tambun nevertheless has a steady flow of visitors who come for the fresh seafood here, as due to the town’s proximity to the sea, there is plenty of seafood on a daily basis. Aside from coming here to buy fresh seafood at a very low price, visitors also come here for the seafood restaurants. Among some of the more popular restaurants in this town is the Gee Seng Restaurant, which is situated close to the jetty - which used to host ferries going to Pulau Aman. There are also the local favourite restaurants Floating Seafood Paradise, the Bukit Tambun Seafood Restaurant and Ee Sheng Restaurant. But seafood is not Bukit Tambun’s only attraction. Street art which is very popular in Malaysia’s historical cities also exist here, which the street art in Bukit Tambun depicts everything from famous celebrities to comic book characters. While Bukit Tambun used to be a very quiet and sleepy town it is expected to gradually start developing and growing as the second Penang Bridge, which is located 10 minutes away, has been completed in the year 2013. Many major developers have been turning acquisitive eyes on the empty land close to the second Penang Bridge, as they see much potential in it. With the second Penang Bridge, motorists are able to get to Bayan Lepas and the Penang International Airport in about half an hour, and Georgetown in about 40 minutes. As property on the mainland is still considerably more affordable than on the island, it is expected that many citizens who work on the island will begin looking to buying a home on the mainland as a more affordable alternative.

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