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Properties for Sale in Semenyih

Semenyih is a town located within Selangor on the outskirts of Kajang, which is seeing a sudden boom in property development following the announcement that the upcoming MRT line will stop in the neighbouring township of Kajang.

Some of the biggest developments to hit this township would be Setia Ecohill by SP Setia and Eco Majestic by EcoWorld. Following on the tailcoats of the bigger players are many small developers who also look to make a profit from the sudden interest for property in this area.

The existing homes in Semenyih range from low cost flats to bungalows. Due to the nature of Semenyih being a town with a high number of students, there are also plenty of public transportation services located within its vicinity.

The most notable of institutions of higher education in this township is the world renowned University of Nottingham. Similar to the town of Nilai which has seen growth due to the influx of students, the town of Semenyih also has several residential areas which are mainly occupied by students; and are generally separated from the locals’ residential areas.

Some of the attractions of Semenyih includes the Broga Hill, which is famous for its hiking trail as well as its hilltop view.

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