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Properties for Sale in Sepang

Sepang is a town located within the southern region of Selangor. It is best known to be home to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the Sepang International Circuit which hosts the F1 Grand Prix annually.

Being located very much on the edge of the city, Sepang is neighboured by both Cyberjaya and Putrajaya with next to no entertainment. Most of the developments that Sepang faces are related to the agricultural field, although it was reported in 2013 that should the requests of converting the land status be approved, more developments will come to Sepang.

Some of the residential areas in Sepang consists of villages that are surrounded by palm oil estates, rubber estates and orchards which are located a moderate driving distance away from each other. On the other hand, Sepang is also home to some very affluent homes, which are mostly located within the Sepang Gold Coast just beside the Bagan Lalang Beach.

Additionally, within the district of Sepang lies a town called Sepang as well. It is one of several towns in the district of Sepang where the ethnic majority of its population are the Chinese. It should also be noted that Sepang’s main produce are the farming of pigs.

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