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Properties for Sale in Sungai Buloh

Sungai Buloh is a town and a sub-district of Petaling that is situated 30 minutes away from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The town was known for housing the country’s largest leper community during the colonial period. The efforts of this isolated group of people to build their own nursery businesses has transformed Sungai Buloh into Malaysia’s main horticultural hub. Today, gardeners from all over the nation visit Sungai Buloh for their rich nurseries which offer the widest selection of plants with the best prices.

The town’s name means ‘Bamboo River’ in Malay. In recent years, Sungai Buloh has developed from a leprosy centre into a place filled with luxury houses and amenities. Property development escalated as urbanisation spread like wildfire in recent years. The once calm town eventually evolved into a lively one, changing the landscape over the years.

Sungai Buloh’s location on the outskirts of the city makes property here more affordable than the ones closer to the city centre. The value of property here is expected to increase over the years thanks to the new MRT and improved roads.

Sungai Buloh has many amenities all around because it is a mature town. For your grocery shopping, you have Jaya Grocer, Econsave, SC Neighborhood Market, and ELEWSMART. If you need a good jogging trail, there’s the Taman Rekreasi Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh. The park offers a peaceful environment where you can soak in the view of a reflective lake surrounded by thick foliage.

You can find plenty of food here. The must-try is the Nasi Manggey (rice, deep fried curry chicken, and special sambal) from Warung Kita. If you want cosy cafe vibes, visit 3B Drip & Dutch cafe where they serve you cute bear-shaped espresso ice chunks. It is a Korean-inspired outlet that specialises in Dutch coffee.

Sungai Buloh is accessible via the Kepong - Kuala Selangor Highway that runs through the town. For public transportation, the Sungai Buloh station is an integrated railway and interchange station that caters to the KTM (Port Klang Line) and MRT (Putrajaya Line).

This town is suitable for families who seek luxury homes that are away from the bustling cities, and yet near enough to enjoy many food and entertainment outlets.

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