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Seberang Perai is the mainland area of Penang. It is located opposite of the Penang Island, and is connected to the island via two bridges. It is a very large region, and is hence split into Seberang Perai Utara, Seberang Perai Selatan and Seberang Perai Tengah. Seberang Perai was originally named after Richard Wellesley, and it used to be known as Province Wellesley.

Seberang Perai is known to be one of the oldest settlements in the state, and its history traces back about 5000 to 6000 years ago. It is located between two famous archeological site, and traces of relics and scripted stones dating back to the 4th century were found in this region. Originally a part of Kedah, Seberang Perai became a part of Penang in the 1700s.

Despite its long history, there is not much evidence to indicate Seberang Perai’s age. It is now a modern and bustling region, which boasts of various tourist attractions. Some of the more popular tourist attractions that can be found here is the Penang Bird Park and the Nine Emperor Gods Temple.

The temple is among the largest there is in Butterworth, and has existed there since 1971. It was originally just a simple shed, but has since evolved with the help of RM7 million to the wonder it is today. The beauty of the temple draws many tourists.

Seberang Perai is not as lively as it is on the Penang Island, and does not boast of as much gastronomic local delights as it does across the bridge. It does however have quite a number of great restaurants, which its prices are more than reasonable. The majority of the more popular fare on the mainland comprises of seafood. The town however goes to sleep at quite an early hour, and the environment here is generally on the quiet side.

Property prices on the mainland are also more affordable, due to the availability of the land here. As of the year 2016, it is still possible to find a double storey terrace house for approximately RM350,000 only.

Living on the mainland does not pose much problems if one is working on the island, as Seberang Perai enjoys easy accessibility to the Penang Bridge which can be reached at as fast as 5 minutes in clear traffic. The capital of Penang, Georgetown, is only approximately half an hour away even in slight traffic.

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