Danau Kota Suite Apartments

Jalan 1/23e, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
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UOA Development Bhd.
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Developer of Danau Kota Suite Apartments, UOA Development Bhd.


Swimming pool
Wading pool
Barbecue area
Children's playground
Multi-purpose hall
Washroom and changing room
Meeting room

Danau Kota Suite Apartments finds itself at a close fifteen-minute proximity from Kuala Lumpur’s infamous landmark, KLCC. Located in Setapak, off Jalan Genting Kelang, Danau Kota Suite Apartments is ideal for those wishing to relocate to a more commercially centered part of town.

The residence comprises of a single block of 29 storeys, of which its first three floors remain dedicated to a variety of shop lots for residents’ utmost convenience. Moreover, Setapak Central (formerly known as Festival Mall), lies at a short, ten-minute walk from Danau Kota Suite Apartments, while your public transportation needs are catered to by the Wangsa Maju and Melati LRT stations being a short drive away from the development as well. All your needs, essentially, will be at your doorstep at Danau Kota Suite Apartments.

The Tunku Andul Rahman Universiti College would be adjacent to the apartments - hence pronouncing Danau Kota Suite Apartments as a suitable option for students’ accommodation. This, however, may be of concern to potential buyers, as many persons, in particular family-oriented individuals, may not be entirely welcoming to the thought of sharing a space with young and often carefree students.

The units at Danau Kota Suite Apartments are equipped with either three bedrooms with two bathrooms or two bedrooms with one bathroom, although the apartment types vary in size, ranging from 818 sf to 1,012 sf - the smallest of which may be characteristically too small to digest for some. This in particular is due to the selling price of 610 psf being inconsistently steep when compared to other residences in the immediate surrounding area.

Nonetheless, the very fact that Danau Kota Suite Apartments consists of a mere 285 units in its one block provides for low density living, an aspect many might cherish as they are free to carry out activities within their residence, whether it be making use of the apartment’s swimming pool, barbeque area, gymnasium, children’s playground, or other facilities.

Having been built in the very hub of Kuala Lumpur, congested traffic may be inevitable, although Danau Kota Suite Apartments are fittingly made accessible through the Duta–Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE), Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), Karak Highway and Ampang–Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH).

The Danau Kota area is a rapidly developing urban area with plenty of amenities and facilites nearby, making it ideal for young working families. There is also a wide selection of shopping, eateries and commercial centres within the area such as the Platinum Mondrian, Plaza Crystalville, KL Festival City and StarParc Point.

The only downside to the Danau Kota Suite Apartments is that this dense amount of residential and commercial real estate has attracted criminals, marking Setapak as a crime hotspot. Additionally traffic congestion along the main road in Jalan Genting Kelang is extremely busy and looks to worsen as more developments are completed.

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2018 Dis
(Tahun Siap Bina)
Projek ini telah siap dibina 2tahun lepas
  • RM 561,800 - RM 711,800
  • Tiada
  • Tiada
  • Tiada
Keluasan Unit
818 Kps - 1,012 Kps
Hak Milik Pajakan
Min. 1

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Bilik Tidur
Bilik Mandi
Keluasan Unit
829 Kps

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Pelancaran Harga Jualan Diiklankan
Danau Kota Suite Apartments Dis 2018 RM 561,800 - RM 711,800 RM 230,000 - RM 603,800
RM 328 kps - RM 625 kps
PV18 Residence Dis 2021 Dari RM 473,000 RM 360,000 - RM 560,000
RM 350 kps - RM 563 kps
Vista Langkawi @ PV18 Dis 2021 Dari RM 300,000 RM 300,000 - RM 300,000
RM 323 kps - RM 323 kps
PV9 Residences 2022 Dari RM 455,000 RM 450,000 - RM 577,000
RM 346 kps - RM 500 kps
Vista Danau Kota 2023 Dari RM 300,000 RM 300,000 - RM 300,000
RM 370 kps - RM 370 kps
12 Untuk dijual di Danau Kota Suite Apartments 20 Untuk disewa di Danau Kota Suite Apartments 47 Untuk dijual di PV18 Residence 1 Untuk dijual di Vista Langkawi @ PV18 21 Untuk dijual di PV9 Residences 2 Untuk dijual di Vista Danau Kota

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Jualan Diiklankan Harga Sewa Diiklankan Purata Harga Urusniaga Purata Hasil Sewa (%)
Danau Kota Suite Apartments Dis 2018 RM 230,000 - RM 603,800
RM 328 kps - RM 625 kps
RM 550 - RM 550 Tiada 3.96 %
The Loft @ ZetaPark Nov 2014 RM 310,000 - RM 875,000
RM 329 kps - RM 815 kps
RM 1,400 - RM 1,400 Tiada 4.24 %
Platinum Lake PV16 2013 RM 500,000 - RM 732,470
RM 257 kps - RM 517 kps
RM 650 - RM 650 Tiada 2.68 %
Platinum Lake PV15 2012 RM 437,000 - RM 710,000
RM 334 kps - RM 479 kps
RM 450 - RM 450 Tiada 2.48 %
StarParc Point 2012 RM 570,000 - RM 1,900,000 RM 2,200 - RM 8,000 Tiada 4.96 %
Plaza Crystalville Feb 2011 RM 3,500,000 - RM 3,600,000 RM 2,500 - RM 8,000 Tiada 1.77 %
Platinum Lake PV10 2008 RM 410,000 - RM 620,000
RM 322 kps - RM 533 kps
RM 1,300 - RM 1,300 Tiada 4.36 %
12 Untuk dijual di Danau Kota Suite Apartments 20 Untuk disewa di Danau Kota Suite Apartments 34 Untuk dijual di The Loft @ ZetaPark 50 Untuk disewa di The Loft @ ZetaPark 42 Untuk dijual di Platinum Lake PV16 32 Untuk disewa di Platinum Lake PV16 22 Untuk dijual di Platinum Lake PV15 23 Untuk disewa di Platinum Lake PV15

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0 - 500 Kps - - -
500 - 1,000 Kps - - -
1,000 - 1,500 Kps - - -
1,500 - 2,500 Kps - - -
2,500 - 4,000 Kps - - -
4,000 Kps dan diatas - - -
Purata Transaksi kebelakangan Ini.
100 Transaksi Terakhir Direkodkan.
RM 263 kps
Hartanah Bertingkat
RM 301 kps
Hartanah Tidak Bertingkat
RM 568 kps
Hartanah Komersial


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    Bayaran Muka (10%) RM 56,180
    Jumlah Pinjaman ( 90 %) RM 505,620
    Tempoh Pinjaman 35 Years
    Kadar Bunga 4.85%
    Lain-lain (Anggaran) RM 10,000
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    Ansuran Bulanan
    RM 3,000 ±
    Mortgage Provided By Hong Leong Bank
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    RM Tiada kps (818 Kps)
    Jumlah Perbelanjaan Bulanan
    RM 3,000 ±


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