Damansara Uptown

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Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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Open and covered car park

Damansara Uptown is possibly one of the most popular commercial areas within Damansara. Catering to the upmarket, all the shops here have a steady and stable flow of upmarket clientele, which the choice of retail shops within the area play no small part in.

Finding a parking spot within the Damansara Uptown commercial area is close to impossible at anytime of the day, due to the many amenities and popular food shops within this small area.

Damansara Uptown which is also known as Damansara Utama offers not just a healthy and bustling commercial area, but also many upmarket houses that are no less sought after for its central yet quiet location close to innumerous amenities.

Pet Friendly
Eco Friendly (GBI)
Nearby Restaurants

I have been here many times already but one thing that sticks in my mind is the traffic. There are some pretty good restaurants here, but the notion of getting stuck in long lines of cars just so I can satisfy my food craving kind of makes me think twice before... See More
deciding. I suppose its because of the one-way traffic system, but oh gosh, it's still bad!
Traffic issue which is the biggest issue here will soon be relieved with the opening of the huge basement carpark providing ample parking. Most of the businesses here thrive on human traffic, which explains the high demand for Ground floor and first floor units,... See More
and the less demand of the 2nd and 3rd floors. Rental here could be as high as RM 16k for prime intermediate ground floor lots, which high floors only commands a fair RM 2k. Demographic wise, UD seems to be a more youthful and trendy place catering for the younger generations, as opposed to SS2 just down the road which has a more traditional crowd. If you're a business owner looking at F&B, do consider this place.
Love to go to Uptown D'sara for good. Wide selections. Traffic is bad during after office hours. Parking is not easy, unless you park inside the covered parking area. There were a couple of robberies happened around the shops, road and open parking area. So have to... See More
be careful especially at night. There's a new development there, Uptown Residences. Look really nice, but not sure if I want to go through all the hustle and bustle before entering my home or when getting out.
  • NIL
  • RM 2,126,800 - RM 5,900,000
  • RM 1,800 - RM 24,000
  • NIL
Built Up
From 6,400 sq ft
Land Title
Total Blocks
Total Storey
Total Units

Nearby Amenities

Transacted Prices

This is a representation of historical transaction prices within the property, categorised by non-landed (condominium, serviced apartment, apartment), landed (townhouse, terrace, bungalow, semi-detached, house) and commercial (office, shop). Below is a list of transacted data for Damansara Uptown over the last 24 months.

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Date Category Address Size Price Price (psf)
2015-12-01 Terrace xxxxxx JALAN SS 20/1 1,540 sq ft RM 980,000 RM 636
2015-11-25 Terrace xxxxxxN SS 20/6 1,652 sq ft RM 1,300,000 RM 786
2015-11-13 Terrace xxxxxxAN SS 20/10 1,920 sq ft RM 1,230,000 RM 640
2015-10-05 Terrace xxxxxxLAN SS 21/31 1,680 sq ft RM 870,000 RM 517

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Property Name Year of Completion Launch Price Ad Selling Price
Damansara Uptown 0 NIL RM 990,000 - RM 2,950,000
RM 400 psf - RM 1,298 psf
TTDI Ascencia 2016 RM 554,100 - RM 2,511,900 RM 700,000 - RM 1,075,200
RM 1,204 psf - RM 1,293 psf
Glomac Centro V 2019 RM 589,680 - RM 1,202,300 RM 850,000 - RM 850,000
RM 664 psf - RM 664 psf
23 For Sale in Damansara Uptown 74 For Rent in Damansara Uptown 3 For Sale in TTDI Ascencia 17 For Rent in TTDI Ascencia 1 For Sale in Glomac Centro V 3 For Rent in Glomac Centro V

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Property Name Year of Completion Ad Selling Price Ad Rental Price Avg Transacted Price Avg Rental Yield (%)
Damansara Uptown 0 RM 990,000 - RM 2,950,000
RM 400 psf - RM 1,298 psf
RM 700 - RM 700 RM 1,576,191 (RM 608 psf) 5.24 %
Glomac Centro May 2015 RM 700,000 - RM 980,000
RM 552 psf - RM 723 psf
RM 1,600 - RM 1,600 NIL 3.75 %
Sé Terra Mar 2014 RM 1,150,000 - RM 2,500,000
RM 489 psf - RM 784 psf
RM 3,000 - RM 3,000 NIL 2.44 %
Glomac Damansara 2014 RM 750,000 - RM 1,700,000
RM 760 psf - RM 980,000 psf
RM 1,650 - RM 1,650 RM 1,101,952 (RM 845 psf) 4.24 %
The Greens 2014 RM 1,330,000 - RM 2,650,000
RM 672 psf - RM 1,301 psf
RM 3,800 - RM 3,800 NIL 5.04 %
Menara LGB Jun 2013 NIL RM 24,000 - RM 85,000 NIL NIL
Oval Tower 2012 RM 620,000 - RM 1,633,990 RM 2,200 - RM 7,800 RM 840,916 (RM 484 psf) 5.32 %
23 For Sale in Damansara Uptown 74 For Rent in Damansara Uptown 18 For Sale in Glomac Centro 88 For Rent in Glomac Centro 21 For Sale in Sé Terra 17 For Rent in Sé Terra 36 For Sale in Glomac Damansara 63 For Rent in Glomac Damansara

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Non-Landed Landed Commercial
0 - 500 sq ft - - -
500 - 1,000 sq ft RM 669 psf RM 283 psf RM 463 psf
1,000 - 1,500 sq ft RM 595 psf RM 579 psf RM 579 psf
1,500 - 2,500 sq ft RM 673 psf RM 626 psf RM 478 psf
2,500 - 4,000 sq ft - RM 797 psf RM 571 psf
4,000 sq ft and above - RM 559 psf RM 868 psf
Avg Recent Transactions
Last 100 Recent Transactions Recorded
RM 459 psf
Non Landed Properties
RM 574 psf
Landed Properties
RM 513 psf
Commercial Properties


  • This price analysis is to be used only as a reference. The accuracy of its data will improve over time as more data is collected.
  • 'Nearby distance' is based on 1 kilometre
  • Average Rental Yield takes into account an estimated amount of maintenance fees
  • My Affordability

    Down Payment (10%) RM 212,680
    Loan Amount ( 90 %) RM 1,914,120
    Tenure Years 35 Years
    Interest Rate %
    Interest Amount RM 1,914,120
    Others (Estimation) RM 10,000
    Personalize Your Mortgage
    Monthly Installment
    RM 3,000 ±
    Mortgage Provided By
    Maintenance Fee
    N / A
    RM N / A psf (6,400 sq ft)
    Total Monthly Expenses
    RM 3,000 ±

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