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About Shah Alam


Shah Alam is one of the cities in Selangor, granted its city status on 10th October 2000. It is the state capital of Selangor, located just next to the royal capital of Klang. The entire area of Shah Alam consists mainly of landed housing developments, with very few high rises.

The most “happening” place in the area is the Shah Alam Stadium which is the usual host for major Malaysia football games, where game nights will see throngs of fans from all states making their way here for the games.

Other than that, Shah Alam is generally a very quiet, clean and peaceful city. The main ethnicity group that lives in this city are Malays, with very few other races making their homes here. As such, the Malay culture is strong here, which can be seen in the peaceful nature of the place.

There have however been plans to increase the hype of the area, with a few new shopping malls being built. The response is however not very strong, and Shah Alam remains a nice, peaceful and quiet suburb. Property prices in Shah Alam has always been on the affordable side, and many who seek middle cost homes make their way to this city.

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