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The viral video about the lady property agent that removed other agents' signage and caught on a CCTV.

Is this a common act between the property agents??? Very unethical, as she is not fighting on a fair battle field.

Where is this location anyway?

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tsk tsk
maybe she is removing her own company's signage? like colleague resigned or something. lol

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@amlhm, so helpful and kind of her huh? Haha!

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Or maybe she just happened to bought the property, so she start cleaning all those signage~ haha~

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But if you notice, the 4 advertisements she removed are all the same one. Maybe she was unhappy that the one person stuck so many of the same advertisements?

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We don't know if those signages are being put up legally at the first place??

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I know some top sale agent at Sunway SPK he even remove his own agency colleague banners.
Back to this video, She remove the 4 same banners/stickers. That agent of those removed banners also have some problem. thought putting few same banner to occupy the place.

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This issue often lead to violent among ruthless agents. It is advisable not to take the risk.

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My banner also been removed by someone in the past... not surprised what i do, just hang another new banner up again at later stage... since I am authorized to sell the property on behalf as well.

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Corrent we don't know if those signages are being put up with owner's consent. also shd not waste resources to put up so many banners, simple mind, thinking like this will occupy the plc so that other agt can't hang theirs? It make it like HOUSE ON LELONG ! Yes I hv encouter agent remove banner and agent hang their banner over mind *frown*

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normal agent will notify the owner if they would like to hang banners there. 

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Somehow it's still quite an effective form of marketing. Especially commercial areas.

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Its not surprise as there still alot bad apple out there. Some will not tear ur banner but just flip over yours as the reason of strong wind (by the they gotta untie the lower part of the banner for the strong wind effect

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All sorts of tactics to survive the tough competitive world today huh?

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Talking about property banners... if OWNER hang up own banner, will it be effective or not for agents to hand their banners as well?

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This is already a norm. More banners = More chances or price difference. They jsut want to minimize the chances of it for buyers to contact other agents.

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even if the owner is able to remove all banner from their own units... there are still so many other units... it is impossible to remove all and prevent the buyers to contact other agents.

But once you constantly pull down the agent's banner, they eventually get the message and will not bother with your unit anymore...

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@Mag thanks for sharing