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So you want to be a property investor but just don’t know where to start? How about going back to the source – we’ve compiled a list of books from top property experts, lawyers and investors to help illuminate the path toward real estate greatness.

These titles are specific to Malaysia and the Asian region, making the information presented relevant to the cause of local novice investors.

Put on your reading glasses and check out these 5 essential property titles:

1. 'Own A Property At 25' – George Leong

It's never too soon to start putting your money to good use and this book certainly helps young buyers get a perspective of homeownership in the early stages of adulthood. But even if you are past 25, it still holds valuable lessons to follow if you have yet to make a property purchase.

Delving deeply into the reasons why so many Malaysians are having affordability issues when it comes to owning their first home (e.g. inflated property prices, financing difficulties, etc.); this title will also teach you how to get around it by creating and sustaining multiple sources of income.

All property investors have to start somewhere, and with the help of this book, you’ll be motivated to kick start the process of buying your first home.

2. '40 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer Before Buying a Residential Property In Malaysia' – Khairul Anuar Shaharudin

Property matters can get complicated, especially when relating to the law. Still, a smart investor will not be content to just leave it to the “professionals” to interpret.

Nevertheless, rookie mistakes occur when you don’t know what to ask or even where to start. Having this book on hand will help direct your attention to the pertinent details that you need to query your lawyer about before buying a home.

The questions presented here range from basic ones like, “What is stamp duty?” to more intricate head-scratchers such as, “If the purchaser pays the lawyer on the developer’s panel, who does the lawyer act for?”

If you don’t know the answers, you might want to pick up a copy. Once you’re done reading this, you can also browse the author’s sequel that covers 40 more questions to ask your lawyer.

3. 'How You Can Become a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor' – Milan Doshi

Author Milan Doshi is a popular fixture in the real estate world with his highly-effective books, seminars and training programs which help new (and even seasoned) property buyers capitalise on Malaysia’s real estate market.

Although the title of his book appears rather generic, the information contained within is anything but. This compressive page-turner is almost required reading for those who need a bit of hand-holding as well as a motivational push.

Use this book as a step-by-step guide to get clear on real estate investment topics such as housing loans, negotiations, selection, property taxes and best of all, how to garner a profit.

4. 'How to Become a Millionaire Landlord: Maximise Your Income and Minimize Your Problems' - Azizi Ali

With multiple best-sellers under his belt, author Azizi Ali gets you in the right frame of mind to take on the challenging but potentially rewarding role of landlord.

His take on cultivating rental incomes as well as buying property for this specific purpose is clever and generally presented in an easy-to-follow style.

Moreover, this book helps the reader tackle related concerns such as property types and locations that are best for renting, in addition to tips on financing. You’ll also learn more about the practical side of being a landlord, for example, how to collect rental payments on time and reduce maintenance issues.

If you enjoy his writing, you might want to check out Azizi’s earlier title, “How to Become a Property Millionaire” as well.

5. 'Cock & Bull Of The Real Estate Industry' – Enoch Khoo

Well this title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? There is a lot of stinky information that surrounds the property industry, however if you are one of those who look for no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point insight, then this book is for you.

According to the author, there is no get-rich-quick system, which is a breath of fresh air when confronted with a consensus that sells the opposite. It’s a reality slap from a realty expert.

Apart from simply spewing truth about major players in the property market, this title also serves as a handy guidebook for up-and-coming real estate agents as Enoch Khoo draws inspiration from his time as a young negotiator right up to the success story he has now become.

The Learning Curve of New Property Investors

Property investing is not a low-risk game; in fact you could find yourself in the hole for hundreds of thousands if you don’t take the time to understand its finer points.

Getting a grasp of the property market as well your personal risk could help you avoid scams, debilitating debt or quite plainly, bad investments. But most importantly, being wholly equipped with the right information could give you a better chance at success.

While you don’t have to read all these books cover to cover, we do recommend that you check out more than one. Four out of five of these titles retail for less than RM50 (Milan Doshi’s book sells for approximately RM60 to RM70) but the wealth of information contained within is more than worth the price tag.

Alternatively, you can register and log in to Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia Digital Library to borrow electronic copies of other interesting property books for free. Some notable titles to check out are Real Estate In Malaysia: Challenges, Insights and Issues by Mani Usilappan, International REITs by Kaiwen Leong, Wenyou Tan, Elaine Leong and Property Valuation by Eric Alagan.

Lastly, don’t forget that real-life property sifus are always around on PropSocial to offer advice. Just post a topic or join in the discussion!

(Written by: Desiree Nair, 18th May 2016)


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Get a copy of "Back To Property Investment To Create Wealth" for a comprehensive property guide :)