12 property magazines and newspaper you should read
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Do you know that apart from books, websites and brochures, magazines and newspapers are another main source of information and guide for you to perform research on properties hence helping you to make a decision whether or not to buy or invest in properties. Below are some of the magazines and newspaper that are useful in helping you making sound decisions on property as well as to get information regarding the property market:

1. iProperty

This magazine has been around since 2003 and it is one of the bestseller in the market. It does not matter if you are an investor, a property buyer or a newcomer, iProperty is the source of information and guide in helping you compare prices of property, how to get started in property investment and many more. Not only that, now you can read the e-version of the magazine from its website. Among this magazine’s special highlights include events, special focus, cover story and many more. The good thing about this magazine is that the content originates from a first person point of view, so you don’t have to worry about being misinformed. Although it is a local property magazine, it also covers property news on the global front. Other interesting sections to check out are Featured Property, Let’s Talk, Points Of Interest, Agent’s Views, Consumer Awareness, Expert’s Views, Property Man of The Month and many others.

2. Property Hunter

Property Hunter is an East Malaysia-based property magazine and has been around since 2012. It has both the e-magazine and hardcopy version, so you can decide which to read or buy. Being East Malaysia’s leading property magazine, it has many to offer to readers. From exclusive interviews, industry news, development progress to expert advice, market sentiments and property events, it’s a one-stop for everything related to real estate. Property hunters out there, start now by getting yourself a free copy this magazine online. Although it is a Sabah-based magazine, there are also property news and issues from other parts of Malaysia and this region.

3. The Edge Property

The Edge Property is a supplement pullout of The Edge Financial Daily. If you want up to date news or the latest information on property front, get a copy of this pullout when you purchase The Edge Financial Daily. The information you get is not the same as those from the magazines as it is based on actual coverage and research by analysts and journalists in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides, you can also read the online version of this pullout from the website. Do not wait, be a hungry property investor or hunter and crave for more information and knowledge. Among the sections readers will find in this pullout are new launches by property developers, rental data, historical transactions properties in both Singapore and Malaysia, property watch list and many others. In a way readers can decide whether to buy or invest properties in Singapore or Malaysia.

4. Property Insight

Another local magazine to check out is Property Insight. It is a relatively new magazine in the market but it aims at seasoned and novice investors. It also has both print and digital version for the convenience of its readers. So, don’t worry if you are a busy professional as you can read the e-version from its website especially the past issues. This monthly magazine help readers make well-informed and rational decisions in regards to property purchase and investment. Among its sections are Industry Insight, Area Focus, Developer of The Month, Rookie Investor, Home+, Investor Next Door, Entrepreneur Insight and many others.

5.  Dot Property

Dot Property is a regional property magazine that focuses on property in the Asian region. It covers various properties across Asia and readers will get know about the property trend and prices in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. A point to note is the price of this magazine, since it is not a local magazine but a regional-based publication. Also, it’s a relatively new magazine in the market and is operated by Dot Property Group. This magazine is different from other magazines and if you are looking for luxury properties or premium-type of properties, this is a good source of guide and information for you to start. Here you can find anything under one roof regardless of whether you are property professionals, property investors, expatriates, home buyers or renters.

6. Property Report

It is worth investing in this magazine too albeit its steeper price tag. Property Report is a leading luxury design, real estate and architecture magazine. It covers many properties in Asia and you will get three-in-one informative guide. During your search for properties, most often than not the design and architecture part might not cross your mind initially. Real estate is not just about property, it is also about external and internal of your property. Savvy investors, affluent individuals and design enthusiasts out there, you might want to check this magazine out. 

This magazine is available every two months. Among its main sections are Special Report, Market Focus, Special Feature, Luxury News and Luxury Interview. Readers will get information such as green development and marine properties in the Special Report section whereas in-depth feature on top residential projects in Asean can be found in the Market Focus section. There is more, one can know more about projects developed by overseas developers, the property market in Canada, UK, Australia and USA as well as what attracts overseas Asian homebuyers in the Special feature section. Cutting-edge accessories and latest gadgets for homeowners and homebuyers are the main highlight in the Luxury News section. Lastly, is the Luxury Interview section, where readers can get insightful tips and experience from different personalities.

7. Malaysia Tatler Homes

Malaysia Tatler Homes is a bi-monthly magazine published in Malaysia. This magazine is one of its kind as it provides readers insight of the Malaysia’s elite and their lifestyles. It is more than a property and design magazine as it also covers various reviews of interior and exterior of luxurious homes locally and abroad. It’s nice to read and nice to see but you must not just daydream but embark on a property hunt and realise your dreams. Vital high-end home accessories and appliances as well as the best international design trends are some of the sections that you will find in this premium magazine. You too can be a VIP, as this magazine is a top choice among VIPs in Malaysia. Whether it is tips, reviews, brand stories or interviews, Malaysia Tatler Homes magazine influences and helps you in making smart decisions in regards to property buying and investing.

8. Business Today

From the title of this magazine, it sounds like a business magazine, but business is a wide term. It can also include property, finance, and more. Business Today is one of the most established magazines in Malaysia and has been around since 2001. The magazine also caters to both the Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) and Small and Medium-Sized Business (SME) industries in this country. Although the magazine’s main focus are money and investment sections, there is also a dedicated section for property, especially with regards to property investments. This section will definitely provide readers a perspective of investing in the property market. As a whole, readers will find key trends in Malaysia that have impact on the business ecosystem such as business developments, economics as well as financial. This magazine is not related to another magazine with similar name based in India, Business Today India.

9. Luxury Properties

Not many bilingual property magazines can be found in the market. Luxury Properties is one of this rare breed. Due to its size, you might want to clear up some space on your bookshelves or table. If you are searching for everything luxury with cool and lavish architecture and design, this is the magazine for you. Besides, you also get to compare on prices of luxury properties in Malaysia and other Asian countries. Everything from the latest trends in luxury living, architecture and design can be found in this magazine. It is definitely a guide for you and for someone with a high purchasing power. Immerse yourself in a brand new luxurious home and get insightful information and experiences from creative and industry leaders. This magazine is unique in a way as readers will get first-hand advice on buying high-end properties, portfolio of luxury listings, design trends, emerging luxury markets as well as news and analysis on luxury properties in Asia and beyond. This magazine is available every quarter and has been in the market for 13 years.

10. Focus Malaysia

Apart from The Edge Property, there is another business weekly in Malaysia. Focus Malaysia is a newspaper for the people as it offers insightful yet independent information and news to the public without siding any parties. Readers will get authoritative news and analysis on issues pertaining to current affairs, corporate affairs, economics as well as personal wealth. Apart from that, there are also dedicated sections on industry leaders and dynamic individuals as well as analysis and features relevant and have impact on consumers, business, corporate sector in Malaysia and investors as a whole.

11. Real Estate Malaysia (REM)

Another magazine worth checking out is Real Estate Malaysia (REM). It is a Chinese-language property magazine. This monthly magazine is the country’s first Chinese medium real estate magazine. It is also popular among readers that include industry players, experienced and first-time property investors, entrepreneurs and home buyers. It is not just an ordinary property magazine as you will find first-hand insight from industry experts and insiders, tips on investing and in-depth analytical views.


Property investment or purchase is part and parcel of life. If you do not plan to do so now, you will ultimately need a property not just for investment purposes but for you and your future generation to live in. The above list of magazines and newspaper are just some recommendations as there are many other titles in the market, which you can also get for yourself. Other noteworthy magazines in the market are Auction, Senses of Malaysia, Homefinder, Property Now and many others.

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(Written by: Adrian Chew, 19th June 2017)


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