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I’m sure you must have heard of many ghost stories from friends and acquaintances, whether they are fictional or otherwise. Deciding to go off the beaten track, PropSocial has collected a few stories from their staff who have had the misfortune of paranormal encounters. This short collection are all of stories of genuine encounters.

Bukit Damansara

The hills of Bukit Damansara are always said to be haunted. This is a story collected from Kiven from PropSocial who used to live there… and still does.

Living in Bukit Damansara as a student has many perks, including easy transportation and proximity to the HELP University if you are studying there. And as a student, the hours kept are quite odd.

Deciding to wash his clothes at 4am one day after he was done studying, Kiven took his wash basket and all down to the kitchen where the washing machine was located. Happily dumping his clothes in and anticipating returning to his bedroom to sleep, a glimpse of light caught his attention.

Thinking it might be a cat up the wall, he turned to look up out of the window. He then noticed that the colour of the glints were red and appeared to be looking at him. Not believing in ghosts, he then proceeded to pour the clothes detergent in… before suddenly feeling that he was indeed being stared at.

Turning around to look at what he thought was a cat again, he slowly realised that they did indeed look like eyes…. belonging on a head of full of long hair. Staring directly at him.

Cautiously he closed the washing machine, picked up his wash basket as casually as he could, inched his way back into the house, slammed the door to the kitchen shut and then tore up to his bedroom in fright and horror. Remembering in the bedroom that where the eyes were is a banana tree, he then figured that he had just seen a real life pontianak.

Highland Towers

The Highland Towers is a story of tragedy when a landslide hit the hills due to overdevelopment, and killed all the occupants. The sole survivors to this tragedy was a maid and a baby boy, whom the maid was carrying the baby when the landslide occurred; and jumped off the balcony running away.

But this is not a story about the survivors… it is a story of those who became part of Highland Towers - forever.

This is also a story contributed by Kiven, the boy who saw the pontianak as a university student. He used to hang around with a bunch of rowdy, thrill-seeking friends, and one fine day, they invited him along to visit the remains of Highland Towers in search of ghosts and spirits.

Remembering his non too memorable sights of the pontianak, he decided against it. And remembering the legend that lost spirits like to follow the living away from their place of demise as a chance to escape, he sprinkled a trail of salt around his house the day his friends left to go visit Highland Towers to avoid having a spirit follow one of his friends back to his house instead.

So the group of friends left for Highland Towers that night with a girl they hired, who apparently had the second sight. Upon giving them warning that not all spirits were benevolent and they could be in danger of a spirit following them home, the girl told them to walk straight to the building and stay away from the banana trees; which were infested in pontianaks (upon hearing this later, Kiven had his suspicions confirmed that what he saw that night long ago was a pontianak!).

The group then proceeded into the building. Snapping photos, they immediately noticed that there was a huge white shadow of 7 feet towering over them which the seer said was their protector that night from malicious spirits. The first thing she told them not to do was to not shine their torchlights on the ceiling as it was full of pontianaks, and not to shine their torchlights into the rooms as they would see some rather unsavoury things.

So they started their journey through the building… and although they did not see anything, they heard plenty. People walking and talking as if they did not know that death had already claimed them, and people screaming as though the building was collapsing again. Cold spots and unexplained feelings of somebody staring at them.

After an hour or more they were ready to leave. Laughing and thinking their adventure over, they headed back to their car. The seer suddenly told them, “There is somebody waiting for you at your car”. In shock, they stared at their car, not seeing anything. The seer then told them to say their prayers so that the spirit could not follow them, and they got into the car praying very hard, terrified for their lives. The seer said that the spirit was glaring at the car leaving, unable to follow them. While celebrating in relief, the seer then informed them that it might not be the last they see of it.

Upon reaching their condominium and dropping their friend off where the seer was still car, the lift door opened. Staring at the inexplicably opened lift door, she suddenly informed them that there was another spirit waiting for them in the lift. In shock, as one, they turned to look at the lift. It was the lift that always behaved crankily… staying open on a floor that had nobody… and which the lift buttons always did not seem to work properly.

Praying fervently for their lives, they made it back to their homes safely.

Ria Apartment - The 17th Floor

This next story was contributed by Chloe, a PropSocial staff who was not aware of anything odd during her ‘encounter’.

As a child, Chloe’s parents used to bring her and her sister up to Genting Highlands for short weekend breaks. And being rather mischievous children, the two of them used to run up and down the corridors of the hotel while their parents were having a lie in.

One of their favourite things to do was to take the lift up and down, feeling the thrill of moving in the lift. Oddly, the lift always stopped on the 17th floor even though there was nobody getting in or out of the lift - and according to Chloe, the entire 17th floor was always un-lighted.

One day she decided to go out to explore the floor while her sister held the lift door open for her. Running up and down the entire corridor, she found that the entire place was really pitch dark, but from the limited light available from the lift, she saw that every door had a piece of paper stuck onto it.

Getting bored of the game, she ran back to the lift to continue her journey up and down the hotel with the lift still regularly making stops on the 17th floor.

It was only as an adult she found out that the hotel was haunted… and recalling how the oddly-shaped papers stuck on the 17th floor’s doors looked like, she only then realised - they were amulets.

Random Hotel Encounters

The next two stories are contributions from an ex-PropSocial staff used to be a hotelier. It is said that hotels around the globe are haunted due to the many sick cases that happen within the rooms, whether they are murder or suicide. Being a high-ranking personnel in the hotel working odd hours, Jack had the ‘privilege’ of being privy to all the ghostly encounters.

The first case he was willing to divulge is of a hotel cleaning crew.

Doing his morning rounds, a hotel cleaning staff found a girl squatting down in the corridor with her hands wrapped around her knees and her head hiding between her legs, crying. Her hair fell all around her, obscuring her face.

With the child appearing to be no older than perhaps 4 or 5 of age, the cleaning staff was extremely worried. He tried talking to her and asking her where were her parents, but the child continued crying.

Walking back to his trolley, he grabbed a bottle of water to try get the child to drink the water, but the child refused his offering without even looking up. Not knowing what to do, he figured he could persuade her to stop crying with some candy.

He then left for the cafeteria to get some treats for the child. When he got back, the child was no longer there. Figuring that the child’s parents had finally found her, he continued his duties.

But still feeling unsettled and worried about the child’s well-being, he decided to go to the security room to check the CCTV cameras to ensure that the child’s parents had indeed came to get her and she did not just wander off.

Upon hearing his request, the security personnel agreed to let him view the recording to ensure that the child was in safe hands. Upon coming upon the appropriate clip, they sat down to watch the recording.

The video showed the cleaning staff talking and gesturing to empty air. There was nobody there.

This is the first story from Jack. The second story involves a hotel front desk staff delivering an item to a guest.

Being a late and quiet night, the hotel’s staff was alone in the lift. Heading up to the 21st floor, the doors opened on the 14th floor. There was an old couple standing outside waiting to board the lift.

Politely standing aside and holding the door open for them, the couple shook their heads, smiled at him and said that they would wait for the next lift. Bidding them a good evening, he then released the button holding the door open.

As the lift doors were closing the man told the hotel staff, “The lift is full anyway, we won’t be able to get in,” just before the lift doors closed.

The lift was empty.

To this day, the staff does not know if the couple were humans who can see spirits or whether they were spirits themselves. He just stood silently in the lift and got out on the 21st floor as fast as he could.

Of all the most haunted places, it is noticed that hotels, old housing areas like Section 5 and decrepit houses carry the most unexplained stories. Perhaps these are just the spirits’ natural home… if you have your share of unheard of and unexplained phenomenons, share it with us below…

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