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You probably thought you had read them all, seen them all, heard them all. But are you sure? These true stories will prove you wrong. You would have heard of the infamous Pudu Jail with its angry and unhappy ghosts wailing of their untimely death, of Mona Fandey’s house which she swore that she will never die right before she was hanged.

Or of the innumerous schools in the country which were built pre-war, and still have long gone teachers who haunt the corridors during the witching hours. But you would never have heard of these stories before, stories that, for the very first time, are being published. Read on and be chilled.


Don’t know if you have ever heard of the Chinese superstitions, “never buy a house at the bottom of a valley” and “never buy a house with a river or drain flowing downwards of it”, for all the bad luck will gather at the bottom of a valley, and a river or drain leading downwards of the house will represent the tenant’s luck all flowing out. This is a story of one such house which fits both the criteria; with a spine-chilling history. While many tenants have come and gone usually leaving the house empty, there is a story of one family that the author herself was familiar with.

Moving into the house in February 2002 was a family of seven with two live-in housekeepers. The first glance into the house showed its absolute perfection - sweet, large and well manicured gardens, a huge hallway and large dining area graced with a beautiful chandelier. Five bedrooms, a maid’s bedroom and two AV rooms and a perfect porch overlooking the gardens. Its rental price was fair and the family moved in with good spirits.

Everything was running smoothly and perfectly, the children all loved their home to bits. Until their eldest son at that time approximately 8 years of age, began to show signs of strange oddities. Already known to be inflicted by a multitude of psychological problems inclusive of bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder and anger management issues, this young boy began murmuring and speaking to the air. When questioned by his adults to who he was talking to, he insisted that there was no one.

His problems persisted, and finally culminated one day when his uncle came over to discuss with the family about the boy’s problems, of perhaps relocating him to a relative’s house for better care. Sinisterly, this boy walked into the kitchen where his maid was deep frying lunch in a traditional wok full of hot burning oil, picked up the wok with no grimaces of pain that his hands were being burnt at all, and walked back out with it; stood behind his uncle and flung the boiling hot contents onto his relative.

Saved by his son who noticed the approaching disaster in time, the uncle was pushed aside while his son suffered severe and scorching burns on his arms. Affably dropping the wok onto the floor after his deed, the boy walked off nonchalantly upstairs to play his PS3. When questioned, he answered that it was his “friend” who told him to do it as the boy’s family was trying to “harm” him.

The situation worsened after a friend of the elder sister came over to play his PS3 one day. Although seemingly alright with allowing others to play with his cherished console, the effects were only seen the next day. Awoken to the sounds of immense screaming and screeching, the eldest sister came out of the room only to be greeted dementedly by her brother rushing towards her with a knife. Barely managing to shut the door in time before her brother reached it, the brother began to repeatedly stab holes in the door in his anger at being thwarted. The police had to be called in to apprehend this boy, who was at this point of time only 12 years old. When questioned, he claimed that his “friend” was angry that a stranger had played his PS3.

Always seen to be sitting down on a garden swing placed inside the house beside an air well whispering things to his “friend”, other things of note to this house was the eldest sister looking down from the second story of the house at 3am one day and seeing an eerie ghostly figure of white walking slowly down the corridor downstairs. That and a room with a rocking chair in it downstairs, with a gaping hole in the ceiling over the rocking chair; a chair that used to begin rocking ever so gently at night, when there was no wind blowing.

The family have since moved out of the house, and the boy has miraculously recovered with no signs of his past. He is now a seemingly perfectly ordinary boy with no memories of an imaginary friend. The house remains empty and untenanted to this day.

(Sourced from Sheryl, 2002 - 2005)


Also originating in the neighbourhood of Section 5 of Petaling Jaya are a couple of eerie happenings which has disturbed the author tremendously to this day. A cheerful evening which bade her friend, Julie to walk to the grocery shop just a few lanes down the road at 5 in the evening turned to horror when a mysterious sobbing girl suddenly disappeared.

Walking up a hill, the sight of a crying girl slowly emerged. Dressed in a summer dress of bright yellow and old fashioned knee high boots, this girl of about 4 or 5 years was kneeling on the road and appeared to be attempting to pick up an object from the road.

Approaching her, Julie tried to find out what was the matter. The child refused to look up, with her long dark hair dangling, covering her face, while profusely sobbing. Persistently, she was still attempting to pick up the object that could not be seen from the road. Puzzled, Julie then looked around for any adults in the area who which the child might belong to. Walking back down the hill she still could not see anyone around. Upon walking back up the hill to make another attempt to assist the child, she found that the child had mysteriously disappeared - sunny yellow dress, boots and all.

(Sourced from Julie, 2003)


A few months later, this very same girl Julie was in the car having a late night chat in the neighbourhood with her friend Mei Lin during the witching hours. Bemoaning the woes of a hormone filled teenage life, they were parked at the side of a foggy dark street. After half an hour of intimate chatting, they thought they heard a polite knocking on their car boot. Stopping their chatter immediately, they checked the rearview mirror thinking there might be someone trying to get their attention. Seeing nobody around, they doubtfully assumed that they were hearing things.

As they went back to their chatter, they were suddenly and rudely interrupted by very loud knocking on their car boot, clearly trying to get their attention. Jumping up in fright, they turned around; there was no one there. Attempting to start their car in full panic now, they discovered that the engine was having problems trying to turn over.

Their hearts pounded so hard as if to burst out from their chests, while they gasped desperately for air trying frantically to start the engine. When it finally started, they sped off in fear for their lives. Glancing back, they still saw no one there. Might it have been a spirit of a long gone person laid to rest there trying to politely tell them to move along because the sounds of their chatter were disturbing the spirit’s rest? We will never know.

(Sourced from Julie and Mei Lin, 2003)


Known to be a rich man’s area, the homes in Section 5 are highly coveted for its prestige. But this is an extremely old neighbourhood which used to be occupied by the British during pre-independence day. Shackled with a long history, this neighbourhood located in the gently rolling hills of Petaling Jaya is bound to have a couple of skeletons in its closet. And now you know them, and are acquainted with them. We hope the details provide proof that we lie not to you. Visit these properties and neighbourhoods to try your luck with ghostly sightings if it is your will. We wish you the best of luck; or may luck come looking for you.

(Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the contributors)

Written by: Diane Foo Eu Lynn


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Not only that side but several areas in the PJ used to have this Haunted house but most of it has converted into offices or showrooms

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