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Moving into a new house can be really exciting with the smell of new paint, smooth squeaky marble flooring, new sofa facing a big new TV, new bedroom fittings, awesome interior designing and an amazing location near a shopping mall. BUT your dreams may shatter and become your ultimate horror if you are moving into a home with one of these types of neighbours……

1. THE NOSY - Ears & Eyes at every corner

These are some of the best and worst of people to live next to. They are the kind of neighbours that know about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that happens - even behind closed doors. They know if you’ve recently bought a new TV, if your next door neighbour just got a divorce or whether someone’s maid from another section of the neighbourhood just ran away. They are the neighbourhood’s CNN and BBC combined, and are the first to know anything and the first to update everyone on everything - whether you want them to or not.

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2.  THE INVISIBLE - You will never know who lives next to you

These are some of the most ‘peaceful’ neighbours you will ever live next to, because the house always appears unoccupied. You know that someone lives there because you occasionally come across a car parked on the porch during the night, but it’s gone first thing in the morning. But you have never actually seen or met them despite the fact that you have been living next to them for years; it is as though they are invisible or you don’t have a neighbour at all. This is a sadly common scenario in the city where everyone is in the rat race working around the clock.

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3. THE LOUD SPEAKER - Shouting and screaming all day

In a complete opposite of neighbour no.2, these are some neighbours that no one can stand living next to. Shouting is their normal mode of communication, and parents are constantly screaming at the top of their lungs at their children, maid or spouse… with children who at times scream back too. These are the neighbours who have absolutely no sense of regard for their neighbour’s peace or feelings. You can literally hear them shouting every single day first thing before your alarm clock even goes off, and the moment you come back from work.

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4. THE ARROGANT - Unfriendly and unwilling to compromise

There are again some neighbours who never seem to notice you unless it is to make a complain against you. You wish them a good morning everyday when you see them but they behave as if they did not hear you. But when it comes to complaining, you’ll have them telling you in the morning to please cut your grass because a few strands are beginning to poke through to their side. These are the neighbours you can forget about asking to keep an eye on your house for you when you are on vacation, let alone borrow a pair of scissors from them.

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5. THE DODGY - Acting strange all the time

There are some neighbours who behave sneakily all the time, as if they have something to hide. They look secretive and act mysterious all the time, as though they are being spied upon or are growing cannabis and marijuana in their house. They don’t like to be spoken to or even taken notice of. You’ll just have to leave them alone as long as they do no harm to you.

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6. THE ANIMAL FARM - Cats and dogs overload

Living next to these types of neighbours may occasionally feel like you are living next to a farm or zoo. Cats will be visiting your house uninvited and stealing your food, rabbits may be hopping around their gardens and ‘fertilising’ them so much so that their poop is the first thing you smell in the mornings, and dogs may be barking their heads off and joining in the rabbit pooping fun in the gardens. Some of these people may be cat or dog breeders, whereas some of them may just be HUGE animal lovers. You may feel like you can live with it and usually don’t mind the ruckus… UNTIL you step on a pile of cat poop in front of your gate as you are living home for work in the morning.

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There are way more than these 6 types of annoying neighbours listed here that you do not want to live next to, and here are another 5 more types of super annoying neighbours featured in this hilarious video:

So before buying your next home, walk around the neighbourhood and talk to the residents before you make your decision. With hopes, you will bump into Neighbour No.1 - The Nosy which can tell you what are your neighbours or the entire neighbourhood is like. It is not just a new house you are moving into, it is also an entirely new neighbourhood which will play a big role in contributing to your perfect cosy home. 

Or to save your time if you have no idea where to start, you can also check out PropSocial’s neighbourhood information to see what people have to say about different neighbourhoods. Is PropSocial the equivalent of  Neighbour No.1??? Come share your horror neighbour stories with us…..


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@Aack2001, that's kinda rare xD  Not very often we find these kind of neighbours around

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@Aack2001 avid vomiters LOL, that fella must be intoxicated often much. XD

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Also avoid, paid killers, politicians, and anyone working for the government.. You might not know if you find a dead body in concrete barrel, the following day.. i would welcome a rich saudi though... may get some free money i might not want to use, so i can return it to him.
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Lol! So, basically before choosing your house, you have to get to know the neighbours first, if possible hang out with them for a bit. If OK, all pass, then only move in. Haha. But if they are murderers, it's probably not going to be easy to find out xD