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All of us have seen those posts going viral on Facebook about strange happenings around us. So we dug around for some local strange-but-true news stories. We came across many such stories, here are the ones that really caught our attention:

1. The Neighbourhood Menace

So this 46-year-old woman has been harassing her neighbours in Wangsa Maju. The photo above is actually a screengrab from a video that was recording her hurling things into a neighbour’s driveway.

Her neighbours say that she has been very confrontational from the moment she moved into the neighbourhood. There has been not one, but eight police reports lodged against her already. She has reportedly been hurling vulgarities at her neighbours and damaging their property for no apparent reason.

The police decided to step in when one of the neighbours reported that she had smeared a car with black and red paint. She refused to entertain the police officers until her brother-in-law got there. The woman was then arrested.

Her neighbours were then afraid that she would be more aggressive once released. 

If you think she’s bad, come and have a look at a parody of the 5 types of annoying neighbours we are all sure to have:

2. Pearl Avenue Slapfest

This fight broke out between a female security guard and a middle-aged woman when the woman had illegally parked her car in a restricted area and ran over a security cone.

The Pearl Avenue security guard then told the woman that she could not park her car there and that sparked a heated argument between the two (with the woman’s husband also occasionally joining in), ending in the woman taking a swing at the security guard and missing. The security guard then seized the opportunity to hit her back and she seemed to have better luck nailing her shot.

Wartawan Jalanan has a recording of the incident on their Facebook page. The video has since gone viral with 33,911 views and 417 shares.

Watch video: https://www.facebook.com/Media.Jalanan/videos/1126062840743674/

3. Sieg Heil? No thank you!

A German graphic designer who has been living in Bukit Puchong proudly waves a pair of flags formerly used by the Nazi German Navy. 

Residents didn’t catch on and thought they were some decorative flags at first. Only after a reporter from The Star started investigating did they know what the flags really meant. The reporter was alerted by a housewife who noticed the flags while sending his children for tuition.

When The Star eventually got in touch with the German, he claimed that the flags didn’t mean anything and that they were just there for fun. 

4. Too many rats!

Officials of KL’s City Hall aka DBKL were alerted by residents of the Sri Sabah apartment in Cheras about a problem with rats.

When the DBKL officials showed up they found the source of the problem. There was an entire rat’s nest consisting of more than 100 rat holes! After pest control steps were taken, the residents were told that their poorly managed disposal area and dirty environment in the apartment grounds were the cause of this problem.

5. Mysterious Disappearance

A 53-year-old member of the Klang Hash House Harriers and Harriettes went on a hike and was never seen or heard from again. It was said that he disappeared in a secondary forest in Bukit Hartamas. 

The man (pictured below) known by his nickname Oily has been missing since 13th June 2015. His fellow hashers started a search party and found traces of blood and vomit deep in the forests of Bukit Hartamas but not Oily himself. So what really happened to him?

The police have stopped searching but said that the hashers could still continue with their search parties. 

We consider ourselves lucky to have never experienced the things mentioned above firsthand, but we’re sure many of you have had similar if not stranger experiences. Got any more weird or strange news from around your neighbourhood? Leave us your story below, we would love to hear about it!

(Written by : Jessica Divakaran, 20th July 2015)


Chinese version available : http://www.propsocial.my/topic/168/chinese/5-strange-news-from-malaysian-neighbourhoods-posted-by-propsocial-editor


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Car Parking also a main issue for Neighborhood ...

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Yes, parking always an issue, mostly condo but even landed link houses faces some issue, it's a public place some thing the lots across their main gate is theirs