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(Translated by: Yau Yin Wey, 8th September 2016)


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There are actually quite a number of affordable housing, BUT apparently it's almost impossible for you to get due to the long waiting list and also the 'bias-ness' in certain races.

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Actually got a few, one of it is in Bandar Seri Coalfields, called Hibiscus. 2-sty terrace selling at around 200k, but need to apply, and the location very out of place, almost Kuala Selangor d. And I think there are many more but I can't remember.

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The problem with current affordable housing scheme, is most if not all eligible buyers are required to put down a 10% downpayment (no rebates given) which is a also a challenge for most

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@ivanyap, that's true. For example, if the property is RM200-300k, not many buyers for this scheme (due to low income) might have RM20-30k to pay for the downpayment. If he / she has that amount, I guess they might not be eligible for this anyway??? :P