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Not sure how many still reads the newspaper, but I do want to share this piece of article which I read in the Star which is quite meaningful and makes total sense, as there are some who had already encounter the same situation in the past as topic had been revolving tenant and landlord, do spend some time to read this up to totally understand how to put safeguards in place or end up you are paying the price for being nice to your tenants. 

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It's true that getting a lawyer to prepare the tenancy agreement is the best way, but not many owners are reluctant to do so, and often only seek helps when shits happened. 

If I'm not mistaken, stamped TA the owner is subject to CKHT or something right? Just curious on the issue. Any idea? 

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@domng what is the legal fee charge rate by lawyer?

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@nic...I work in the law fees is usually charge based on the value of the property...disbursements may varies from firms to firms....

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@Lee. How about the legal fees for a Tenancy Agreement? I guess it is based and proportional to the monthly rental?