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The Trainer

With over 6 years of experience in the real estate industry, Jay understands the importance of leads to an agent. As such, he strives to educate our agent users on how to navigate our website smoothly while maximising their PropSocial account to generate quality leads.

Through PropSocial’s workshop, agents will be equipped with the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the rest.

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The Troubleshooter

Phebe Cheng is a Mass Communication graduate from UTAR and has over 15 years of experience in support and operations.

With her keen eye to details and meticulousness, she strives to help our agent users have the best user experience on PropSocial. Phebe also conducts special Mandarin session trainings for our agents.

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The Brand Specialist

Daniel Ravin is a property enthusiast and our very own in-house Wikipedia. Having over 4 years of experience in the property industry, he specialises in digital marketing and agent branding.

Get in touch with Daniel and his team to know more about building your personal brand.

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Article 1

The People Behind Your Home: Real Estate Frontliners

It has been a year come January 2021 since the world was introduced to the “new norm” of COVID-19. A year of economic disruption, and a year of adjusting to working from home. Despite these challenges, there are those who face the risk of getting COVID 19 to put a roof over many people’s heads, a...
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Article 2

4 Steps to Ensure You Are Dealing With a Certified Real Estate Agent

Are you in doubt whether the person selling you a home is a certified real estate agent, or if the property ads you saw were put up by a bona fide estate agent? If yes, we have created a guide to protect you from being duped by illegal agents.
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Article 3

How to Become a Property Agent in Malaysia?

Many in Malaysia dream of becoming real estate agents due to the belief that most of them have exciting and luxurious lifestyles. They wear posh clothes, drive expensive cars and own more than one property. But behind the success of every estate agent is a great amount of effort and hard work, as...
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Article 4

Why do you need a property agent?

The real estate market is a competitive one to be in. Thankfully, help exists in the form of property agents - registered property agents, that is who can assist us with our various needs and wants in the current market space.
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Article 6

Positive Traits to Look Out For in a Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry in Malaysia is one which is filled with a wide range of properties, and is represented by a wide range of agents. Want to know what are people looking for in a certified real estate agent?
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Article 7

Can you really trust “Property Agents” in Malaysia

Do you think there are many illegal brokers in Malaysia? Read our article to know more about our Malaysian Real Estate laws.
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Article 8

5 types of Property Agents You Don't Want to Meet

Malaysian are not interested in meeting these kinds of property agents
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Article 9

Top 5 Craziest Encounters by Property Agents

Get ready to be entertained. Property agents are individuals who are unique in their own special way just like fingerprints, where the only thing they hold in common are selling properties - and a series of unfortunate events and shocking discoveries. The chain of quirky situations that they endu...
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