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Properties for Rent in Arena Green

Arena Green is one of the older condominiums in Bukit Jalil that is fairly popular in the market for its central location and its affordable prices. While its designs may not strike the fancy of many as the colour scheme will not, Arena Green is an excellent abode for families with its large shared gardens. Its location is also very central within walking distance to the Bukit Jalil LRT Station, and it is within short driving distance of the International Medical University (IMU) and Teknologi Park Malaysia (TPM). Grouses of residents of Arena Green includes their inability to exit their homes during peak hours when the roads outside are thoroughly congested. Visitors are also warned about parking their cars outside the condominium at night where cars are commonly broken into or have their tyre rims stolen. Aside from what is supposed to be a less than savoury neighbourhood, residents of Arena Green has also suffered a bad management team in the past where 2010 a total of RM500,000 was withdrawn from the condominium’s funds for no proper reason. The residents were also extremely unhappy in 2010 when the management insisted on increasing the maintenance fees, as their reasoning was that the management body had never increased the price before and that the condominium is situated in a prime location.

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