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As we all know, property industry is a very competitive market to be tapped into. Hence, to acknowledge and reward the exceptional work of the developers with their well-managed properties, PropSocial has introduced its very first property award called “The Realest Property Award” in January 2018 via its online platform.

What makes this award different is that it is open to the public to vote, which is in line with the company’s tagline — “Real Neighbourhoods, Real Reviews”. Separated into seven categories - The First Time Property, The Macam-Macam Got Property, The Happy Family Property, The Fuyooh Property, The Fancy Schmancy Property, The Protected Family Property and The Mother Nature Property, the award has casted more than 8,000 voters.

Ended in the early March 2018, we’ve finally counted all the votes and are announcing the winners! Congratulations to UEM Sunrise Berhad, Sunway Berhad, See Hoy Chan Sdn Berhad Group, Mah Sing Group Berhad, Eco World Development Group Berhad and Ken Holdings Berhad for winning the gold awards. Interestingly, Mah Sing Group Berhad and UEM Sunrise Berhad has bagged two awards! Read on to find out more.

Category 1: The First Time Property (Most Value For Money)

Value for money properties are always on the look, especially for the first-timers. Summer Suites (UEM Sunrise Berhad), OUG Parklane (Akisama Group of Companies) and BSP Skypark (LBS Bina Group Berhad) are the top 3 properties with most votes for this category.

Category 2: The Macam-Macam Got Property (Best Facilities)

Who doesn’t like a property that offers the best facilities to fit a modern lifestyle, right? For this category, Sunway GEO Residences (Sunway Berhad), Tropicana Avenue (Tropicana Corporation Berhad) and D'Latour (DK-MY Properties Sdn Bhd) have won the voters’ hearts.

Category 3: The Happy Family Property (Most Family Friendly)

In today’s growing population, finding a good atmosphere and space for a growing family has become more important. Our voters chose Uptown Residences (See Hoy Chan Sdn Berhad Group), The Z Residence (Trinity Group Sdn Bhd) and Five Stones (Selangor Dredging Berhad) as the most family-friendly properties.

Category 4: The Fuyooh Property (Most Innovative Design)

As you can see, more and more developers are coming up with innovatively-designed properties to meet the market demands. The 3 best properties that made our voters say, “Wow!” are Icon Residence (Mont Kiara) by Mah Sing Group Berhad, You City by OSK Property Holdings Berhad and Twin Arkz by EXSIM Development Sdn Bhd.

Category 5: The Fancy Schmancy Property (Most Luxurious)

Not everyone can afford a luxury home, but that doesn’t stop us from admiring them. According to our voters, Eco Majestic (Eco World Development Group Berhad), Banyan Tree Residences (Pavilion Group) and DC Residency (Guocoland (Malaysia) Berhad) are the finest amongst all.

Category 6: The Protected Property (Best Safety Features)

Besides location, social infrastructure, as well as layout and design, safety is deemed to be a critical aspect when buying a house. Symphony Hills (UEM Sunrise Berhad), Aspen @ Garden Residence (Mah Sing Group Berhad) and Ara Hill (Sime Darby Property Berhad) has garnered the most votes in this category.

Category 7: The Mother Nature Property (Most Eco-friendly)

In today’s modern world, developers are beginning to build eco-friendly houses much more seriously. According to our voting result, Ken Rimba (Ken Holdings Berhad), Periwinkle (IJM Land Berhad) and Setia EcoHill (S P Setia Berhad) are the properties chosen by the voters.

Kudos to all the winners and the rest of the developers that have taken the initiative to build more comfortable, sustainable and liveable homes for homebuyers. Once again, congratulations from all of us at PropSocial!


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I like the title "the macam macam got property" . Catchy title. Truly agree on the award winners list.

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