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I've seen and met lots of unpresentable property agents before who were not bothered to dress up properly to portray a professional image while meeting their buyers / clients. Even worse, when they post weird profile picture of themselves on their page promoting the properties they are selling.

This is too funny for me not to share. Check this out : http://uproxx.com/webculture/2012/12/fantastic-real-estate-agent-headshots-tumblr-is-almost-too-real/?showall=true

Have you met any agents like that before? Or how do you think a professional agent (man and woman) should dress?


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So far, I've been lucky to have liaised with a decent property agent. He was a well-mannered and humble man, with a wife and kid. But he wasn't in business attire (shirt, slacks, and shoes). He just wore a pair of Bermuda shorts, a Polo tee, and shoes when I met up with him.

Should there actually be a dress code for property agents? I don't think clothes would make a man. They can be as professionally attired but if their character is out of place, then dressing up won't save him (or her).

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Personally, I haven't met any property agents who dressed so horribly that it leaves a deep impression in my mind. I think a collared shirt (be it short or long sleeve) with long pants would seem presentable enough. Pretty standard. For ladies, perhaps smart casual office attire.

However, I have to disagree with Sheu Quen. Read this - http://quickbase.intuit.com/blog/2012/05/23/dress-code-or-not-what-you-wear-matters/

Sadly in the world today, how we dress DOES matter. If a person dresses sloppy and unpresentable, it might send a message across to others that they are lazy, untidy and ignorant. Even worse if you are a sales person or an agent trying to impress your clients with the intention to close a deal. If they really matter to you, I believe it's worth putting slightly more effort and care to what they wear to portray credibility and professionalism. Moreover, we can always wear what we want at home, off work or any other time of the day :)

Moreover, as the saying goes, first impression counts. If I have 2 agents standing before me, Agent A dresses up professionally and Agent B dresses up sloppy with t-shirt and shorts, without a doubt I would give my fullest attention towards Agent A with an assumption that Agent A might give me better advice and certainly seems more reliable and credible. This is called managing perception :)

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Yes, you have a point actually. First impression does count a lot. But if I'm faced with the same two agents as you described, and the one who dresses well has a stinky attitude, then I'd turn my attention to Agent B. The one I liaised with happens to be an 'Agent B' :D

But like you, I haven't had the (mis)opportunity to meet a really terrible agent. If I do happen to run into one, I'll let you know what it felt like ;)

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Hahaha! The ones I've met have been quite decent and well dressed, (lucky me!) but... seriously have you seen some of their profile photos?! I seriously saw this chick in Propwall who looked like she was trying to advertise for a FHM magazine! LOL!!!

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Sometime it's really depend on the situation...but proper attire really does matter as that will be the first impression whether or not to close the deal or the client like you! However, I personally met an agent with casual attire, looks fine for me too...so I can say it's depend ur luck too :P

hey @Dianne, I doubt is that proper to show her link profile here ? hahahaha...

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@virspirit hahahahha!! I tried looking for it but can't find it... but never fear! The day I find it again is the day I will post in up here!! ;)

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Hi, property agent check-in. Hahaha :p
Usually as a property agent, i wear formal (long sleeve shirt, long pants[khakis or black]) or sometimes casual a bit. Attire does important for professionalism carry ourselves BUT the most important thing is how we commit in this career to assist both side clients (landlord and buyer/tenant).
Some agent can groom their attire to be very professional (suits on, tie on) but can't deliver the service to customer also no point. Some can wear like normal normal (just proper attire) but can put in much effort on deliver good deal for both parties right?

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@johnshen_831 yea, actually i agree. Lol!!!

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@jonshen_831 Haha, actually that was what I was referring to! So the best combination is attitude and attire. You can't have one without the other. Attitude goes a long way, and attire is first impression :D

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Yup, I agree wearing normal (like jeans, t-shirt, sport shoes) still acceptable and ok with it. Not like I expect all agents to wear suit and tie, a bit strange in this weather doing viewing too. Haha. But I've seen some agents wearing shorts, very untidy t-shirt with messy hair (looked like they just woke up) and slippers. I wonder how difficult was it for him to put on a pair of jeans, shoes and comb his hair? Really so much effort meh??? If he thinks this is sooooo difficult then, his attitude is questionable. Even worse if he cannot even speak professionally. It worries me to buy a property from him though. Anyway, that's just my thought, I won't buy from someone who cannot make me feel comfortable at first impression.

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@Lee @Dianne ... yea, u guys got what i mean. hahaha

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I used to viewing with a co broke agent, he wear like a gangster and he bringing a "ah long" bag...haha

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How you carry yourself affects how people perceive of you more than you think!
Sometimes first impression can make or break your deal. I think is is good that agent dress up well (decent look) to leave customer a positive impressions. Respect yourself, respect your career, respect money & respect your customer! Hahaha......

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I really depends who we are meeting. I love wearing crappy cloths to attend low end rental cases. Almost always they will not only not notice, but often we'll both just blend in hahaha. Funny people really, living in Malaysia.

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@jordantan88, your profile picture doesn't make you look like someone who would ever wear crappy clothes :D LOL

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I think first impression is very important, since that will most likely be the image your potential future clients will remember you as. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing formal attire but I will still make a point to be casual smart. It's also great to learn some social skills to expand your network as this comes along with your overall presentation. (just my 2 cents :)

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@Magdelin Oh my, thank you mylady. You're looking good like a princess from you picture too! *bow bow* *open imaginary door* hahahaha

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@yang_mabelinda, totally agree with you :)

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Be on time, look smart and must have good knowledge of the properties they are selling.

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Property agents are professionals in their own realm. So, it's simple to say that unless the property you are selling/renting can 'Sell itself' (price,location,upkeep), You gotta first and foremost sell yourself..

A sloppy agent in my opinion never gets a chance for a second viewing with me. ** remembers agent who came in flip flops and bad breath.

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I like agents who present themselves well. Smart casual if it's a weekend, formal if it's a weekday. And don't bs me. I hate bs-ers.

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@Gary_L33, totally agree with you

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As long as is presentable & proper I think would be alright. Of course NO slippers, short pants, sleeveless shirt. For me I will look at the property value & type in order me to respect the seller/landlord or buyer/tenant.

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casual smart, prepared with all the relevant information, don't talk too much if no questions were asked.

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Even before going into technical details One must always dress for the occasion, the weather and whoever you are meeting. 

You only get to leave a good First Impression. Once!

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I do agree with Dominic and I always advise people not to over dressed.

If you are selling a low cost apartment, smart casual attire is more than sufficient comparing to full suit.

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Full suit seems to be the norm, at least for some big developers at their over lavish show houses... Furthermore, you can only view their show unit with an appointment with one of their sales person (in full suit).

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Dominic, Really???? I've never seen an agent or developer wearing full suit before. Not even during their launching event. 

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A bit weird wearing too formal during viewing though. Haha.

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Come to Johor's Country Garden and Forest City sales gallery. Then you know what I mean by "full suit service" Haha 

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@HJ thanks for sharing