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I read some forum and discussion in other website, realized that many people refuse to pay agent commission, and some of them asking why need to pay the commission to property agent, and even some of them said will look for property agent when view the showroom, but when want to make a booking, they still will look for developer staff.

My Propsocial friends, What do you think?


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We wish to offer property agents commission of 2 - 4% any renovation referral can pass to us. Payout of commission asap with collection

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On the subject matter, refusal to pay the compensation to a property agent for a transaction done by proprietors or refusal to continue the reference to the serving agents by home buyers during a new property launches with the act of deliberate diverting to alternate person/source; are act of deceit, in particular an appointment, mutual understandings and works were in place. Agents, however, require to be professional in their services to clients or home buyers. Notwithstanding to, there are parties out there, unfortunately, do strip the labor and efforts for work done or delivered. This happens in other services industry or many industries (material and labor). Regulatory, NGO and professional bodies plays important role in public education and awareness. Trade agents must be alert to those attempt to strip their hard labor earnings off at. In short, agents are deserved to be paid a fee, full fees or commissions for work or transactions done.

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question about how to apply gst rebate property new built uncompletely 

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If clearly written contracts and appointment letters are signed between agencies and developers before undertaking the sales process, the developers are obligated to pay the agencies the agreed fees in the manner stated in the contract or face legal action. 

If the process of how buyers are introduced and registered with the developers in transparent manner before the actual viewing of the show unit or the presentation at the sales gallery then there should be very minimal dispute as to who invited or recommended the buyer to the sales gallery. Most buyers (especially those that you cold call upon) are only loyal to type of property suited for them and the value that the sales person brings to them ie. professionalism, knowledge in answering questions, mannerism, service oriented etc.

If the above criteria and expectations are not met, the agencies, real estate agent or negotiator are at risk to lose out.

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