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Apparently The Binjai On The Park is the most expensive property today. Looks really beautiful, but seriously over-priced. But I guess it's more for foreign investors.


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One of the Local Buyers said he bought for the spectacular view! As Binjai Park has a large spacious patio where you could enjoy full Twin Tower view & KLCC park right in the centre of living area/balcony! It is belief the "chi" flow has good feng shui to occupants :) He has confident the price will reach RM3000psf.

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I am sure it's somewhere in KLCC or Mont Kiara! Oh no, wait.... I think it's the upcoming UITM Puncak Alam hospital that cost RM8.2 billion. Lol!

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Facing KLCC Twin Tower might not be a good thing. A feng shui master said the look of KLCC twin tower is like a "double pierce" pointing at all the surrounding building - not a good feng shui! Up to u to believe or not...

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@ppnnkk2011, is it??? It looks like sweet corn to me :D