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If you are one of those who have experienced being part of the buying and selling process of the property business, then chances are you may have encountered or dealt with these kinds of estate agents before:

The Slob

The unshaven face, the unkempt hair, the strong body odour, the coffee stains on their shirt; you would be forgiven if you mistakenly identified the slob as a homeless person. Prepare to be shocked when your stereotypical projection of an estate agent in suit and tie comes crashing down as soon as you cross paths with the slob.

Don’t be surprised if he/she turns up wearing a hoodie and flip-flops while smelling like they missed their yearly shower, all the while trying to sell to you what may be the biggest property deal that they will ever have. The slob seems to have no sense of understanding of the term “professional attire” and has zero sense of remorse for his presentation.

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The Overly Dressed

The direct opposite of the slob in terms of appearance. Granted, a person in suit and tie is viewed as a person who is both professional and confident in what they are doing, and it is not wrong for an agent to show up in their suits and ties. But it is not always necessary.

Imagine if you are attempting to rent a small unit in a low end apartment. You arrange to meet up with your agent during the weekend, and you are in your t-shirt and shorts - but in comes along an agent who is fully dressed up in formal attire as if he is about to sell you a holiday home in Dubai. Besides the fact that you may start to feel uncomfortable and underdressed, it also shows that the agent lacks confidence in in sealing the deal hence they have come dressed up to impress.

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Mr. Know-it-all

Claims to know everything about properties like it’s their middle name. Bombards you with countless jargons and statistics that will leave you scrambling to put 2 and 2 together after a brief conversation with him/her. You’ll be glad that your brain did not explode from the information overload when he/she finally stops yapping.

They will present to you redundant information such loan tenure, floating rate loans and base lending rates when all you asked for was the price of a unit, just to gloat to you that they are highly knowledgeable in their field and to prove to you that they are the ideal agent.

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The 'Kiasu'

Unethical, afraid to lose out to other agents and always wants to be on top of things. Will do just about anything in the dirty book to sabotage other deals including ripping off the signages of other agents, formulating lies, and posting a ton of their own signage on one property.

Can also be found posting the same ads for the same lot on multiple property portals to drown out competition, thus tricking potential buyers into thinking that he/she has several different lots. The only plus point is that the property industry is a small one, so people will soon learn how to avoid these types of agents.

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The Irresponsible

Also known as the magician for his/her ability to mysteriously vanish when they are most needed. Thinks that their only responsibility is to show buyers around properties and negotiate deals, and after the Sales & Purchase (S&P) signing is concluded they claim their loot, leave their clients in the dark on the next step and never follows up with the process. Literally, the "I don’t want to get involved" or "That's not my job" attitude.

Oh and did we mention that they inhabit typical Malaysian culture for not being punctual and are always late? That’s right, their “just around the corner” will leave you waiting for them like waiting for snow to fall in Malaysia.

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Have you met any of these or an agent you DO NOT wish to meet again? Come tell us.

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another type, who always says "issue cheque first for booking and I will convince the owner to sell to you"

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@ppnnkk2011, like seriously??? If the buyer do exactly what the agent says and immediately issue cheque, I think he must be really really desperate for that unit.

I have only met one who is apparently super busy 'super agent' who said that if any buyer wants to view his units, they will have to go by his time, only on every Saturday from 2pm - 4pm. Very strict viewing hours. Not willing to compromise and not flexible at all.

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Yes the issue cheque first tactic is useful to close the deal. Only the serious and sincere buyer will agree to do that. But agents wont "ALWAYS" will says and use this tactic. Its depend situation and cases. FYI i just close a RM3M sale by using this tactic and its buyer offer issue cheque first. No hurry to buy, not necessary to buy this unit but to show sincere not play play look see type. And, for nego the price.

About the super busy agent. Not sure its the agent is really that busy or its might be from the owner side. Because for this type of fix time normally is set by the owner. I have met some owners is like that. Only certain time and date can view the unit. This is mostly either to meet the tenant time or the owner busy time. Not easy for me to arrange for viewing also.

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@yunsyn, no wor, it's the agent. Let's say agent has 20 units on hand (from different owners), he insists only specific time for viewing for all his units. He will not compromise on buyer's time.

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Then that is really his problem lor...Maybe he too many business and busy till dont care you go for other agent. Or most of the stock he on hand is good stocks (Nice, cheap, etc) and no worry to sale out even set time like that style.

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Different people has different style ... have to find one who fit your preference

Img thing small

Hehe. I don't think I can stand the 5th one - The Irresponsible - the 'not my problem' attitude kind of agent. Definitely will not want to appoint or even meet this kind of agent. Feels like I will get conned into buying a problematic house :P

Unknown 1 small

one more type of agent is always forcing buyer to use his banker and lawyer, wants to squeeze the most money on each single deal.

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Another type of irritating agent:

same agent post same unit of property in a website with 10 ads without put a property picture and description about the unit. and put lower price and bigger square feet to get more view while people using the search function in website. 

Jonathan de ho half body small

Like Ngoi say

I shall say thats the "misleading type of agent"

But didnt know still have Slob type agent

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one bad apple spoil the whole basket of apple..... 

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and some of it is even illegal broker which claimed to be agent..

James bond craig junio2006 small

Ngoi, I totally agree with you. Haha. Very common.

Jonathan, yes unfortunately there's still lots of this kind of agents out there. It's their 'marketing gimmick' to attract buyers to call them.

Ronald, yup feel so sorry for genuine agents who worked their ass off.

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veron No worries about no.5 because even if the agent is not following up with your case you are always welcome to follow up your case with your appointed solicitor as they are responsible to facilitate the's a win-win for u and the solicitor..and the agent will eventually loses all the potential clients...xD

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Now there are easier means for owner who want to market their property to potential tenants... there is an app who bypasses Agents and connect Tenants to Owners. Some apps even offer to do tenancy agreement electronically, which include e-stamping!

It is like Uber/Grab taking over from the Taxi driver jobs gradually.

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what name is the app ? 

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Speedrent and Speedsign app for owners. For agent there is the Lesys Tenancy app.  

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You mean the owner and tenant can sign the tenancy agreement thru the appsa?

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that is what being claimed by SpeedRent & SpeedSign... totally e-tenancy agreement, the Stamping also e-Stamping... a fraction of what being charged by Lawyers. Unfortunately they don't cater for commercial property, only landed and apartment they support.

James bond craig junio2006 small

Dominic, ya I know this app, but not all owners (like myself) have the time to show house (not to mention the risk of getting robbed), post advertisement, receive tons of phone calls and more. I rather pay that agent fees.

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Can i classified this an asshole?

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hahahaha! unfortunately sometimes I'm like that.

Kate chew small

Wai Loo, are you a property buyer & owner? 

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One thing comes to mind, should we pass our property keys to the agents so that they can bring potential tenants for viewing. 

Or should we be present to unlock the doors when the tenant request a viewing? 

Kate chew small

Dominic, if property owners need to be present all the time for viewing, then why do they need property agents for? The reason why they appoint agents is so that they don't have to go through all these hassle. I guess, most of the property owner I know would prefer to pass the key to the exclusive or main property agent to handle it.

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@kate_chew yes agreed with u.

get a reliable agent is hard. 

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I have heard a case where an apparent "owner" with the house keys was able to rent out a residential unit to a tenant... until the actual owner discover his unit with occupants staying inside! lodged police report in the end to chase out the tenants...

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@domng it did happened to me also while agent let the tenant move in without my consent. 

Img 20190308 wa0049 small

Regirstered two time but didn't get some new from PRIMA house

Img 6323 small

@6011_3531_5354 have you lodge a police report?

Img 6323 small

i will suggest better to keep the key with you than passed to agent. or just pass to the exclusive agent where you already have some deal with him before or you believe in him. More secure

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@windzneom lodged a police report already. police asked to settle ourselves first. haha

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Talk about Police officers serving the citizens. We are their bosses who pay their salary. Imagine telling your boss to settle own work themselves! 

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@domng no comment on this part.

they say if the black people harsh to me then only call them. haha

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Really no comment also @Nic.

You mean your agent let the tenant move in without your consent? in other words, this agent acted as if he/she is the property owner?

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@6011_3531_5354 haha. no idea with this. 

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Daring agent to act without owner's consent... must have gone "rogue"... haha

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hahahaha let me share a personal experience of mine...

well in this case i am the owner not as an agent....

an agent approach me for one of my property to rent and this is how it goes:

Agent: "Hello, can I speak to Mr Soo"

Me: "Yes, how can I help you"

Agent: "Mr Soo, you got one unit in Pandan Indah for rent right"

Me: "Yes"

Agent: "I had an offer, the tenant already paid RM1k deposit asking for fully furnished - ermmm.. tenant want 4 air-cond, washing machine, hod & hoob, 2 water heater, fridge, sofa, dining table, bed with bed frame, curtain, wardrobe in all room, errm you want to sign the offer to rent with me?"

Me: "Nope, as I do not agree on renting my unit out for RM1k in a Fully Furnished conditioned"

Agent: "This is what I had collected, and this is the market rate in all the condo there for fully furnished"

Me: " Well if that is the market rate, please approach the owner to rent their unit to you, as for mine i just want to rent it out at RM 800 for an unfurnished unit"

Agent: "Dont you want to consider, RM 200 extra a month one year is RM 2400, you can fully furnished with that amount"

Me: "Well if you can fully furnished all the above with RM 2400, then I can rent the unit to you then you go rent it to your tenant, I just want my RM 800 and it comes with light and fan and water heater"

Then i hang up the call.

You cant simply bring and present an offer to me without even getting my consent to rent my property and having me to agree on something that i am not ready to agree on.

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

This agent is really pushing his/her luck... really unlucky that he called Mr Soo... in the end backfired. Haha

Img 6323 small

@imronaldsoo Haha. Great backfired. Ask him show you which unit rent out at this price with fully furnished. 

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The agent who called Mr Soo, maybe he uses this tactic before and some owners really fell for it. There are owners out there who have no idea about market rental rate, sigh. 

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So this is the case, I moved around alot when I was in Uni time. Many of the agents does not return me my rental deposit after the contract ends and I decided to move out. Do they have the rights to do that?

20170514 115059 small

Jeffrey, agents are not supposed to hold the deposit. All the deposits should go to the landlord 

Img 6323 small

@esarrol2 you should check with the landlord. Tenancy agreement should had stated clearly. anything just go for legal consultant.

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The deposit is a sort of "ransom" against the tenant... never towards the owner... as such must be held on by the owner. Even if the agent is entitled to a commission, must fully settle with owner the rental deposit before collecting any commissions. Correct me if i am mistaken ya.

20170514 115059 small

@domng Yes that's what I know :)

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Yes. Even if it is in black and white inside the agreement that the tenant cannot use the deposit as final month rental payment. The tenants still tend to creep in and do it anyways. 

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing