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Ever wondered whether pets are allowed in condominium and apartments? Wonder no more as the answer has finally been revealed.

The long-standing question

One of the most prominent disadvantage often associated with non-landed properties is the long-standing notion of regulations and rules related to owning pets.

Hence, animal lovers and pet owners looking to buy their dream home, are often limited to choices of landed properties in order to be able to keep their pets, especially dogs and cats. (However, owners of landed homes have also faced some problems, as seen in the ruling to ban dogs in intermediate terrace homes in Malacca.)

The question of whether pets are allowed in properties like condominiums and apartments as well as which properties are deemed “pet-friendly”, is a curiosity pondered by many, which also often sparks fervent discussions, as seen here and here. However, the answer to those questions remain unclear… until now.

The long-awaited answer

Speaking at the Malaysian Institute of Professional Property Managers’ inaugural conference, lawyer Datuk Pretam Singh of Pretam Singh Nor & Co, lifted the veil on the long-standing issue of pet ownership in strata-titled properties, stating that “…pets are allowed unless they cause annoyance or a nuisance and pose health risks to other residents in the property.”

This, he explained, was according to bylaw 14 in the Third Schedule of the Strata Management (Maintenance & Management) Regulations 2015, whereby the management of stratified titles like condominiums and apartments can only regulate but not prohibit residents from keep pets in their homes.

So if you’ve been wondering, the answer is YES! You can keep pets in stratified properties.

Increasing demand for pet-friendly strata-titled homes

As more Malaysians begin turning to stratified homes for various reasons like their location within or close to the city, it is crucial that more residential developments are seeing the need to allow pets within these properties.

“Surely you don’t want your children to go to a zoo in order to see a dog or a cat right?” as Datuk Pretam Singh puts it.

As such, more and more new developments have begun to take on the “pet-friendly” approach. But if you’re interested in a condominium or apartment residence which has been established for quite some time, it would be best to discuss with the management and remember to be considerate of neighbours. This could mean taking care of your pets’ waste properly or ensuring that they do not cause any inconveniences or disturbances to others and so on.

To help you out on your search for non-landed homes where you can live with your pets, here’s a list of properties in the Klang Valley which have been known all these years for their “pet-friendly” policy to begin with:

Kuala Lumpur

Lanson Place, Bukit Ceylon

Suasana Bukit Ceylon

Marc Service Residences

Hampshire Place

- Seri Maya

- Ampersand

- Sunway Palazzio

Mont Kiara

- 28 Mont Kiara

- Kiara 1888

- Kiara 9

- Kiara Astana

- Kiaraville


- Park Rose

- Bangsar Peak

- Ken Bangsar

- Sri Wangsaria


- Azelia Residence, Bandar Sri Damansara

- DC Residency (Damansara City Residency)Damansara Heights

- Twins, Damansara Heights

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Life with pets

Living in a condominium or apartment home may mean that your pets, especially dogs do not have ample space to run about. So check out these dog-friendly places and neighbourhoods where you and your furkids can have some outdoors fun on the weekends and mingle with other animal lovers!

As for those looking to welcome a new furkid to your homes, here’s a guide to what you need to know before bringing a dog home to help you ease the process of becoming a new “parent”!


Now that the answer is clear that pets are allowed in stratified properties, animal lovers and pet owners can rejoice and know that their home choices are not limited to landed properties. It is also essential to remember that living in multi-cultural Malaysia, all effort should be put into ensuring that you respect other residents and avoid causing inconveniences to neighbours when living with pets in stratified properties.

Let us know what you think about this new revelation in the comments section below or click here to join in the Discussions.

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Pets are allowed in certain condominiums. There is a by-law for pets in a condo. The by-law states that the dog must be licensed and the license is only issued upon the dog-handler completing a course and the dog having passed the “Good Canine Citizen” course. Subsequently, the dog must be microchipped. 

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Please do check with your local council as well as this was what we received from DBKL.
page 29 (English version), you will see Item 11: New By-Laws 8A, 8B and 8C.
By-Laws 8A reads:

Small dog in flat
8A Subject to by-law 3 and notwithstanding paragraph 8(2)(b), the Commissioner may allow one small dog to be kept, harboured and maintained in a flat.
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Does this apply to entire Malaysia? Or just Klang Valley?

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And what about big dogs??? I have a Labrador Retriever at home, but she is very very well-behaved and she does not bark. Allowed in condos? 

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good list of condos for pet tenants

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I think only in Klang Valley. Btw GR is a big dog. They need space and their daily walk. Condo is too small for a GR even though the dog is well behaved and doesn't bark. When space is small it makes dog very depressed. 

James bond craig junio2006 small

This is good news!

@renachang, maybe @veron lives in a condo of 3000 - 5000 sf :P  Just kidding. Well, as long as you walk your dog everyday, should be fine. 

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Gem Residences, Singapore. The first condominium development which houses a Pet Pool! Wonder if this will ever happen in Malaysia?

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as long as the owner will take good care of the pets "bu bu" then basically there is not issue :)

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@renachang agree, Golden Retriever require big space, unless the condo is duplex or with at least 3000 sf ...

James bond craig junio2006 small

Dominic, Gem Residences in Singapore??????? I've gotta check that out right away!!!! But then again, I doubt this will happen in Malaysia, because we still need to be sensitive to our Muslim residents.

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing

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some will say its noise pollution when the pet barks or make other noise