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Though it may not seem like much at first, but you can do a great part for the environment just by choosing to live in an eco-friendly property. Cars are not the only source of green house gas emissions, buildings also contribute a significant amount of it!

A Green Building is built and designed to cut down their impact on the environment, focusing on the efficient use of resources like energy, water, and even materials throughout its lifecycle from where it’s sited, the way it’s designed, built, run, and maintained.

So whether you’re an avid environmentalist or just want to try your best to reduce your carbon foot print, why not start with where you live? Here are 10 eco-friendly homes within Klang Valley.

1. O2 City, Puchong

Likely named after the scientific notation of oxygen, O2 City is an entire integrated development which is designed and built with eco-friendliness in mind. Consisting of condominium residences, a commercial component, office blocks and even a hotel, O2 City is a development that can surely ensure the best of urban living.

Eco-friendly elements used throughout include a rainwater harvesting system for chores and maintenance like washing and watering plants, while the use of paint which is low in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) also ensures minimal damage to the environment.

Highlights of the family-friendly property include leisurely facilities like a bubbling pool, sauna, pools, as well as a tree house, sand pit, musical room and game room for the little ones.

2. Rimbun, Ampang Hilir

Ever heard of an eco-friendly building that has a car park specially designed for sports cars? Rimbun is just that! This ultra luxurious condominium residence was surprisingly awarded the Green Mark (Gold Plus) Provisional Certification by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority, thanks to eco-friendly features like rainwater harvesting system that provides the water needed for maintenance of the building and its lush green landscape, as well as the use of solar energy through photovoltaic panels. Even from its build, the smart use of aerated concrete blocks minimizes the use of energy to keep the building cool.

Lush is certainly the best word to describe Rimbun, whether in terms of the greenery it offers as well as its features- there are more than 100 trees planted around the compound of the building!Ensuring a closeness to nature. There are only 2 units on every floor, where each home is no doubt opulent, with every unit having its own private lift lobby, swimming pool, sky lounge, and even garden!

3. Green Residence, Cheras

Built in the more subdued part of Cheras which is considerably exposed to greenery, Green Residence is GBI-certified condominium development located by the green lung of Cheras. Lush landscaping and greenery make up 3.9 acres of the development, with facilities like a jogging track which meanders throughout and a herbs garden for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Encouraging homeowners to practice a healthy lifestyle, the residence also has an impressive 8-lane swimming pool, as well as basketball and badminton courts. The family-oriented home also has a mini water theme park and nursery.

Green Residence also helps homeowners cut down on energy usage in order to keep cool by having all the homes face either north or south, so that it does not get too hot throughout the day.

4. Periwinkle, Bandar Rimbayu

Located on the fringes of the city, Periwinkle is just one of the many precincts of landed homes within the township development of Bandar Rimbayu. These eco-friendly homes are worth considering for those in search of the perfect family home with lots of space, both indoors and out, all within a setting of refreshing greenery.

The Periwinkle homes each come with solar energy water heaters, which is a simple but effective way to reduce energy usage, while rain water harvesting system is set up for water usage outdoors.

However, the greatest appeal of the Periwinkle homes is the fact that Bandar Rimbayu is a development geared towards embracing nature. Just look at its community park, known as The Arc, which is a green architecture marvel!

5. Ken Rimba, Shah Alam

Promising luxury in the lap of nature, Ken Rimba is the pioneer of Green Township, with top-notch lavish developments like the Ken Rimba Legian Residences, which won the Singapore Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Gold Award and the Malaysia Green Building Index (GBI) Gold Award, as well as the Ken Rimba Jimbaran Residences which bagged the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award (Provisional) and GreenRE Gold Award (Provisional).

Eco-friendly elements of the homes include north-south orientation to prevent them from getting too warm during day time, along with designs that enable good cross ventilation and heat-reflective paint to maintain the homes at a comfortable temperature. There is also plenty of greenery to help mitigate heat around the township.

Even the Ken Rimba Commercial Centre maintains the township’s eco-friendly stand, with the inclusion of recycling facilities and the use of low VOC paint.

6. Fortune Perdana Lake, Kepong

Possible one of the few urban development in Kepong which is GBI-certified, Fortune Lake Perdana is a serviced residence integrated with shop lots and offices for an overall convenient living.

Facing the Kepong Metropolitan Park, homeowners can look forward to views of sprawling green and a serene lake, and enjoy the multitude of facilities provided to them, like the hammock garden, jamboree field, picnic area, lap pool, jacuzzi, and more!

7. Sejati Residences, Cyberjaya

The GBI-certified development of Sejati Residences spans 50 acres of land in Cyberjaya, with beautiful landed homes at one with nature. The homes within stun with their tall ceilings and sizeable verandahs, which are not only designed to look good, but also promote better ventilation by enabling air circulation. This in turn helps homeowners avoid turning on the air-conditioning too often.

The residences are also equipped with environmentally-conscious functionalities, with a rain water harvesting system, aerated taps designed to save water, as well as a dual flush system in the washrooms to optimise water usage. Hot water is also supplied through a hybrid DC system which saves a great amount of energy.

Did you know that the clubhouse at Sejati Residences is built using salvaged wood? Over 200-year-old Chengal make up the roof support and columns of the building! The 11,000 sf building not only houses a range of facilities like a gorgeous swimming pool, but also embodies the eco-friendly values of the GBI-certified development.

8. Rhombus, Bangsar

Take one look at this residential tower and you’ll understand why it’s so aptly named after a geometric shape. This GBI-certified boutique development is certainly a show-stopping sight with its sharp angles and distinct lines.

The elegant homes at Rhombus come in sizeable built-ups, with 5-star facilities to boot. More than just there for aesthetics, the outer structure of the building also plays a role in providing shade to the units, where homeowners can keep the balcony doors open to allow ventilation without worrying about the heat.

9. Setia EcoHill, Semenyih

Transforming the once quiet town of Semenyih, Setia EcoHill is a 753-acre township development which focuses on offering homes surrounded by nature. Though the development may not have GBI certification, meticulous planning was done to ensure that carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, like in the use of smart technology to control LED street lamps. The homes also use solar power and renewable energy.

Setia EcoHill is an integrated township with residences, commercial shop lots, and even a clubhouse, ideal for families of all sizes and stages. From just-married couples looking to start a family, to even empty-nesters, Setia EcoHill offers a range of homes at various price points, built-up area, and design functionality to suit all needs.

10. AraGreens Residence, Ara Damansara

Despite its location in bustling Ara Damansara and its contemporary facade, AraGreens Residence is an eco-friendly oasis where homeowners can escape from the stresses of daily city life.

The development prides itself on its environmentally-conscious design and features, where even the structure of the entire building and seemingly decorative panels are carefully planned and placed to provide shade, so as to keep the building cool and save energy on air-conditioning. On top of that, windows of the building also use specially coated, 10mm thick laminated glass to provide better heat and sound insulation. There are even 3 common access corridors between the several blocks which double as air wells from the basement, allowing hot air to rise and draw air throughout the interiors, creating a constant breeze.

A rain water harvesting system, ventilation system, and landscaping are also part of the development’s eco-friendly efforts, where emphasis is placed on recycling, reusing, and energy efficiency that can generate savings for residents in terms on maintenance- all good to hear for home owners and the environment!


Whether looking for a family home away from the bustle or an oasis within the city, there is surely an eco-friendly development that can fulfill your needs, all while keeping its carbon footprint to a minimal to meet those of the environment!

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(Written by: Looi Jing Er, 10th Nov 2017)


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